The men at FHC embrace their style


Kiera Kemppainen

Senior Quinn Brennan, who is sporting his absolute favorite camouflage pants.

When searching through one of his go-to thrift stores, senior Quinn Brennan found unique pieces of clothing to expand his closet, including a piece from over thirty years ago.

“I have a vintage band tee for Pearl Jam from 1992,” Quinn said. “It’s single-stitch with no distress. Then, [I also have] a lot of Carhartt pants, and I got a cool Manchester United center swoosh Nike hoodie. It’s pretty cool.”

Getting his clothes from Instagram ads, thrift stores, vintage markets, and people he knows, Quinn has a large repertoire to expand his style every day. 

Quinn finds style inspiration from Instagram and other social media. These posts help influence his daily outfits. 

“[Every day, I] always wear a hoodie, usually from the thrift store,” Quinn said. “Pants are either baggy jeans or just some sweatpants.”

Just try things out until you get something that you like.

— Athan Hillman

Similar to Quinn, senior Athan Hillman also chooses to embrace a unique style, also often from thrift stores. 

Athan started to venture into his style not too long ago, but much progress has been made since then.

“Around last summer, I started [wearing what I wear now] even though I don’t like what I wore last summer,” Athan said. “I started just thinking more about what I was wearing. I wore a lot of bright colors. It was very, very bright. I wore too many accessories in my opinion. I’d have like five different bracelets on and two necklaces. It was just too much.”

The journey to Athan’s current everyday style may have been rough, but it’s what got him to where he is now. With every style, there are inspirations, and Athan’s is no exception.

Athan’s clothing today is impacted largely by the people around him that he sees every day.

“Honestly, a lot of my friends inspire my style,” Athan said. “I really look at them, and we inspire each other. A lot of the patterns that they wear, I like. I’ll look for different color combinations they go for.”

Junior Sam Wordhouse is also largely inspired by those close to him.

“I’d say my brother is probably a huge inspiration for my style because most of my clothes, I steal from him,” Sam said. “A little bit of my grandpa, too, since a lot of those clothes were his.”

While Sam gets some clothes from his brother and grandpa, those are not his only sources.

He often buys clothes from Goodwill Bins, Old Navy, Wrangler, and Carhartt. The crewnecks, jeans, and other items he buys from these places are integral to his everyday style.

Sam didn’t always dress like this though. He only started making a change a few years ago.

“I’d say [in] seventh grade I started noticing what I was wearing,” Sam said. “I don’t think I really knew what I was doing at all. I guess it was when I became aware that clothes existed and my mom kind of stopped buying clothes for me. I remember I bought a pair of Timberlands. That was the first item of clothing that I actually cared about. From there, I started putting random stuff with them to see what worked, and a lot of it did not.”

Sam has been embracing his care for clothes ever since then. Now, he has more clothing items that he cares about than just his Timberlands.

“My favorite piece of clothing is this 1980s crewneck that some guy from the camp I work at, who passed away, gave to my brother,” Sam said. “Then, I stole it from him. It’s absolutely torn to shreds right now, and I can’t really wear it anymore because I look homeless in it. But it’s super cool, super versatile.”

Favored items of clothing make everyday outfits a little easier; there’s always a steady piece to wear.

Just like Sam, Athan and Quinn both have favorite clothing items. For Quinn, it’s his camouflage pants, and for Athan, it’s his green zip-up hoodie.

All three of these students at FHC embrace their style every day. They put in the effort to express themselves through everyday attire and encourage others to do so.

“Just try things out until you get something that you like,” Athan said.