Humans of FHC: Alyssa Cheslek


“I’m reading Clifford y su Cumplianos, or [Clifford’s] Birthday. Sometimes, [it’s hard to read in Spanish], but I feel like doing this helps me learn more about the language. I would say that I learn a lot from reading, but it’s also good to mix it up. Usually, [I] just try to make sure I translate and know what each sentence means. It takes a lot longer to read in a different language, [but] I’d say I take every challenge head on.

I would say [knowing a different language] really helps, especially with English. Surprisingly, I’m able to dissect a sentence a lot easier than if I were not in a foreign language. [I] try and look [words I don’t know] up in the dictionary, because a lot of times there are words that mean around the same thing [that] sound the same. Or, you can always ask your teacher.”