Sam Schwarze is looking to return to high school


Provided by Sam Schwarze

Senior Sam Schwarze is aiming to become a high school science teacher

In one word, senior Sam Schwarze is ambitious. 

Over the years, he has taken up numerous sports such as rowing, cross country, and soccer. He has also learned oodles of instruments ranging from the double bass to the guitar. Yet, the one ambition he is looking forward to in the future is his aspiration of becoming a high school science teacher. 

Unlike some who pick their career as a child, Sam discovered his career goals while applying to the very thing that will help him reach it: college.  

“I was going through that whole dilemma of college applications and what do I actually want to do with my life,” Sam said. “Then I was just looking at majors, and I saw the education major, and I was like, ‘huh, wait a minute,’ and then it all just kind of clicked in place that that’s what I want to do.”

I make sure people engage, and I just like making sure everybody’s included.”

Next year, Sam will start his journey to becoming a science teacher in his last stage of education. He will learn more about teaching and the environment as he focuses on his career. 

Returning to school on the other end of things, it sometimes may be difficult to decide what age to work with. Sam landed on a hope for high school teaching based on the connections he made. 

“Once I was in high school,” Sam said, “I started making some really great bonds with some of my teachers, and that’s when I had sort of an epiphany.” 

Choosing teaching as a career is only half of the battle. Sam also had to choose a subject he was passionate about teaching. 

“I think science itself is an interesting subject,” Sam said. “It’s also a big impact that Goodwillie [Environmental School] had on me too was environmental science, so I have a big draw towards science, and all my teachers are good people, so I want to be a teacher like them.” 

Goodwillie was designed to pull students interested in sciences and the environment and fuel their passion. With daily activities outside, science fairs, and unique science lessons such as learning about the different clouds, along with regular fifth and sixth-grade lessons, it enriches students’ learnings.

Goodwillie helped Sam further his science love. 

“Going to Goodwillie, I was able to be in a place that encouraged me to follow my passions,” Sam said. “I was always interested in environmental science, even when I was little, and going to GES really cemented that while also helping me discover that I wanted to be someone who helps others pursue their passions as well.” 

Not only did Goodwillie encourage Sam and other students to be curious about science and the environment, but it also taught them to grow as humans and communicators. 

With this and just growing up throughout his life, Sam has tried to be as friendly as possible. 

“I definitely try to be as inclusive as possible,” Sam said. “I’m not afraid to go up to someone if I see they’re alone or less talkative in class, I’ll be the one who sits with them, talks, or whatever. I make sure people engage, and I just like making sure everybody’s included.”

This wish for everyone to be included and engaged will help Sam in his future as a high school teacher, and what helped him see that ultimately leads back to the people who have taught him life lessons alongside school lessons—his teachers. 

“Over the past 12 years here at Forest Hills,” Sam said, “because of the teachers, I’ve had that push for me to pursue my passions and encouraged me throughout my time at school. I was able to become the person I am now. I want to now be the person that encourages others to follow what they are passionate about, and that’s when I knew I wanted to become a teacher and become just like all the others that helped me through life.”