Sydney Race

Spooky Humans: Jenan Hammad

“My house back, in Jordan, used to be roach-infested, so, one time, it was around 4 a.m., and we have these sirens for prayers. So, at 4 a.m., there’s this siren for the morning prayer. I hear something rustle in my trash bag next to me. I get up, and I’m like, ‘Iman, something’s moving.’ She gets a broomstick, she pokes at it, and then a roach comes out. And I was screaming and jumped into my sister’s bed. My mom woke up–you know how those moms wake up if you tap them. So, she automatically got up and hit it with a shoe. I have a big fear of roaches, and one time, my mom sprayed under the cabinets with the roach spray, and tens and tens and tens just kept coming out of our kitchen. I was scared to eat [in] our kitchen that week.”


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