TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Monia Abbas

Izzy—For the laughter

You always make the class laugh and make me laugh. I just wanted to say thank you for being the reason I smile at least once a day.

Arsenia Tompkins—For talking to me

We usually have small interactions each day such as me picking up whatever thing you dropped by my desk, sharing a computer when we don’t want to open a second one, or just chatting. Thank you for being my unofficial friend.

Grace—For the enthusiasm

It seems like you’re enthusiastic every day. Making more than one joke every bio class and being overall energetic in all our hours. Thank you for the borrowed energy.

Bio Partner—For being the first one I look at

Whenever we’re about to start a lab and neither of us has a partner, we work together. At this point I expect you to be waiting at that one lab station for me. That you for being the first person I look for.

Caitlyn Walker—For Civics

We don’t really come into contact in general but thank you for our short conversations.

Lunch Table—The invitation

Thank you to Katie specifically for inviting me to the lunch table. The conversations I listen to every once in a while can be very hilarious and even though I barely talked to any of you, thank you.

Emmy, Ellie, & Audrey—For being my friends

Thank you for the weird yet entertaining things we do after school and the memories we make at the clubs. Boardgame club was really fun and I’ll forever carry the memory of when we couldn’t stop laughing at whatever happened in the game of life.

TCT staff—For every entertaining class

There is always something that happens in class that is very entertaining, there are so many supportive and kind people, and I can’t wait to return next year. Whenever I think of this class, I will automatically remember the podium.

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