TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Man Cing

Mom – for bringing me to this beautiful place called Earth and teaching me how to live 

My heart has been and still is, appreciating you for giving me life and helping me know what kind of person I should be in this world. Your unconditional love is never gone, and my life is on a smooth path because of you. Thanks for the time you offer to be there for me when I feel myself being put down and celebrating with me for my successes. I love seeing your sincere, kind smiles and your benevolent laughs. When I become a mother, I want to imitate your sweet personality, and the way you would pass on an amount of knowledge to understand that as a human being, I have values and so do others. Last but not least, thank you so much for making tasty Burmese dishes for dinner and lunch on any day of the week.

Mrs. Velie – for being the best teacher at FHC

I have a million words to say, but I’ll try my best to make it short and sweet. Being in your classroom has optimism drifting to my soul, and I love that there’s a countless number of books surrounding me, increasing my interest in reading and writing. It’s like a cafe where it’s serene and we’re all in coffee mode working on our papers on Chromebooks. I enjoy hearing you tell us about your three sons and what you get to do on the weekend. Thank you for those friendly conversations.

Leah Clark – for making me feel welcomed on the first day of school 

Honestly, if it weren’t for you, Leah, I would never find a way to connect with new people. I am grateful that you had the guts to ask me how my day went and had the energy to learn personal facts about me. Your generous words are like the warm sunshine on a stormy day. I admire your heroic acts that say that whenever it’s easy to fail, there’s a chance to keep trying until an accomplishment is made. Sometimes all I need is your quiet nature to not let any anger seep through my emotions. Leah, how could I ever forget any of these things that you did for me? Thank you, thank you.

Joel Nhkum – for having the spirit to let me know that writing is powerful 

I love the acquaintance that we’re both having, and it’s nice to always sit next to you in journalism class, chit-chatting about random topics. It’s also cool that you and I are originally from the same country. The way you share your joys of being a writer makes me feel proud to be in Mr. George’s room to publish stories on The Central Trend. Also, you’re the only male best friend I have, but one is enough for me. I am thankful for you having my back every time I needed it. You are one of the most positive people out there in my life, Joel, and if there’s one thing I would want to say forever, it’s that you’re the best comedian ever.

Eva Puii – for letting me be your sister and best friend 

Eva, I know how much you’ve always been such a smart person no matter how young you are. I enjoy seeing your excitement to be at church with your family. Your active personality makes me want to enjoy church too, and I love that you are excited to see me at church and say hello with a kind smile. Yes, you may be a little girl, but oh sweetheart, you’re very mature. I see the adult in you, and one day, I know that when you get a little older, you’ll accomplish great things in life. I just want to encourage you for every step you take, and I appreciate the friendship you started to create between the two of us. So keep being awesome, and try to do your best in every little and big thing you do.

Lun Hoih – for being my blanket and BFF

I remember the first time we met each other as little kids, and your social conversations are the best things that I get to have with you. I like how you can tell such good jokes. I’m proud of your talents and your knowledge of how to make company with others. I am proud to have a good friend like you and your delightful manner of being able to feel cozy and be part of your family. Our friendship has been so long now, but that can’t stop us from continuing to be BFFs. Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Please be the kind, lovely friend you are, and I’ll do my role as well. Lots of thanks. Lungdam mahmah ei.

Sia Lalrinawma – for giving short and sweet but meaningful sermons 

Hey, I know dude, you and I barely talked to each other. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything that I’m thankful for about you. I enjoy listening to you preaching God’s word at divine service. I love the energy you bring into your words as you let yourself be immersed with the Holy Spirit. I also am amazed that you have some foreign language skills and can even speak both of your parents’ native tongues very fluently when your parents don’t come from the same nationality. I also adore the fact that although you’re getting yourself in the spot of being a pastor, you at least can relate to us youths since you are one. And last but not least, ka lawm e.

Grace Fitzgerald – for helping me have fun with academics 

Grace, I could never forbid the fact that your choice of willing to be my source of help makes me feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. You are an amazing student teacher, and I am blessed to have you make me become better and better every day on top of my schoolwork, especially Algebra 1. My appreciation for you is unstoppable, and there’s always a possibility that whenever there’s an assignment or a test/quiz that I can’t nail, you are the one that shifts that perception to the other way, and I can’t thank you enough for that. So far, being in the media center after school and trying to get my jobs done with you sitting next to me when I have a question so you can answer it is just something I need. You are the number one best tutor!

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