• Buy Candy Cane Grams at lunch on Dec. 8th and 9th for $1.00
  • Ranger Country Dodgeball Tournament is Tuesday, Dec. 7th, starting at 3:30 in the Old Gym
  • Senior Ceiling Tile Painting is Monday, Dec. 6th from 3-5 p.m. in the cafeteria
  • Winter break is Dec. 17th to Jan. 3rd
  • Ranger Challenge Assembly Friday, Dec. 10th
The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Man Cing

Man Cing, Junior Writer

Man Cing is a freshman, and this will be her first year as a staff member on The Central Trend. Since seventh grade, she has possessed an aptitude for creative writing, and she wishes to become a New York Times bestselling author. She is also a huge poetry lover. Man hopes to publish stories where she can express herself and work with fellow journalists. She knows that journalism is the heart of her writing world, but she also enjoys working on novels. She is the eldest child of her family with a younger brother and sister. Man was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan when she was only 18 months old. She loves to sing, travel, watch movies, cook, learn foreign languages, and most importantly, spend time with her family. She also enjoys visiting friends and relatives from home and out of town.

Favorite foreign languages to learn: Mandarin and French

Favorite restaurant: Applebee's

Favorite movies: Thorn in the Center of the Heart, Coco, Mulan (Original Version)



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The Mizo tribe performing a traditional bamboo dance at a traditional festival

My personal experience with listening and learning a language

December 1, 2021

I've always been interested in immersing myself in learning about the cultural backgrounds of multiple different tribes from Asia; however, my favorite of all to learn about is the Mizo people. They are...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2021: Man Cing

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Man Cing

November 25, 2021

Mom - for bringing me to this beautiful place called Earth and teaching me how to live  My heart has been and still is, appreciating you for giving me life and helping me know what kind of person I...

Mudras Calling is a touching story of identity

Mudras Calling is a touching story of identity

November 19, 2021

My horizons expanded when my mom introduced me and my siblings to a drama called Mudras Calling.  I had myself glued to the screen as I observed the wonders of Myanmar. Throughout the entire film,...

The logo sign for the United Prayer club

Students can find comfort and unity in the United Prayer Club

November 19, 2021

The United Prayer Club is a place where anybody can find their own space, as well as make sure others have theirs. It's a room of people caring and strengthening each other. When somebody's world is turned...

The cover art of the book  showing the characters identity

Punching The Air is a perfect example of current racism in America

November 2, 2021

I feel like Punching The Air realistically depicts race issues going on currently in our country and as I turned the pages, I was hoping that anyone who gets a chance to read this novel can find a way...

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