The dreams I’m thinking of for now



Abbie Emmons(My “teacher” for creative writing)

Currently, as a freshman, I have produced a number of dreams that I want to be turned into reality–at least in my future. My parents are always asking me what I truly want to be. At first, I was completely clueless, but I thought it didn’t really matter at all. But as I started to enter middle school and now high school, I realized that this is something to be taken seriously. So, I kept having that same question racing through my mind. What do I really want to be? 

I have known the fact that I am passionate about creative writing, specifically, working on a YA (young adult) fiction novel and maybe, trying to write a nonfiction one too–mostly motivational, health, and finance books. But out of all of these three, I would choose motivation as the topic I could most see myself writing about. Basically, I want to be an author. As a little kid in elementary school, I fell in love with books, and honestly, I was a quick reader too. So reading and writing were in my blood.

The second profession that I am considering heading into is the healthcare field because I have an interest in DNA. Combining these passions, I came up with the idea of being a genetic counselor. This would also involve having conversations, and I tend to be pretty social. I sincerely want to help people emotionally, and I would get to do that in that career, and of course, get to work with people’s DNA. I also have the responsibility to be aiding one’s health and give them the best assistance possible.

Next, I am determined to create my own charity including opportunities to study and observe different cultures. The kind of job that I desire to do for charity is donating important necessities such as education, food, shelter, clothing, etc. to other countries that are struggling with poverty. Also, if there is an unsafe and horrible situation going on in a certain country, I would try to do fundraisers to help raise money and give it to that country in crisis. It’s all I can think of doing, and I hope that I can make a difference in these peoples’ lives.

But hopefully, these plans don’t change throughout my high school route. After graduation, I hope they stay.

It will also let me educate myself on some cultural aspects of traditions and customs the people have. I want to communicate with them despite looking like and being a foreigner to them in their country. Me speaking in their native tongue lets them know that “hey, there’s someone out there who is willing and able to help you meet your needs.” I want to be that person. Even though this role is not a primary part of my future career, I want to avoid underestimating people and I want to not treat this as if it’s only a hobby.

Overall, this is only what I am thinking of now. But hopefully, these plans don’t change throughout my high school experience. After graduation, I hope they stay.