“Van Angel” is another masterpiece, but not my favorite one

The name and icon for the music industry that Van Angel is part of


The name and icon for the music industry that “Van Angel” is part of

I never thought that I would listen to another song from one of the rappers from the previous Mizo rap group I did a review on previously. His name is Lesky Hype, and as “Van Angel ” started to play, it incorporated a rhythmical combination of the piano and the trumpet. It also had that same catchy beat as the intro music blended into the main part of the song.

I admired how Lesky Hype possessed such energy and was able to say the words in a quick fashion as well as clearly rapping the words. Honestly, I did catch some words that I understood after slightly learning the language. However, like before, I still don’t have a clue about the actual “theme” of the song. 

I also like how Lesky Hype rapped one particular rhythm and then after singing the chorus, he used a different beat to continue singing. It was also cool seeing another artist that I had never heard from: Ez Kid. He had his own unique style of doing his part.

But my commendation for his style is not as strong when compared to my praise for Lesky Hype. Even though this was released two years ago, it had that vibe where it sounded more like it just came out a week ago or so. I enjoyed pushing myself to keep learning more about other cultures through modern work. This one also made me want to listen to more rap by Lesky Hype.

Moreover, it reminds me of a mixture of K-pop rap and classic jazz, but it meets with more contemporary hip-hop. I would have to say that even though I had such enormous acclaim for it, I wouldn’t agree that this has a better approach.

Contrasting it to “hmui a dawh”, “Van Angel” doesn’t retain that similar attention-getter in terms of how the melody begins and how much passion is in the individual when they rap. Of course, “Van Angel” isn’t necessarily an awful piece of work. It just needs a little more of a superior and “brighter” vitality and some sort of an additional creative tactic of having a certain rhythmic beat. It’s like a platinum medal awarded to me.

But I wouldn’t take it and see it as a real prize. I would have higher expectations to have it be a silver or gold medal. In other words, it wouldn’t be on my top 3 favorite mizo raps.

I admired how Lesky Hype possessed such energy of being able to say the words in quick succession as well as clearly wrapping the words.

Despite that though, with the scene of the Lesky Hype and Ez Kid gathering with other boys prompts a reminiscence. It lets me remember all of the memories I had with my best friends from middle school. Specifically, their support for me whenever I share with them my love for creative writing and medicine. The same enthusiasm given to me was explicitly portrayed with the boys with their support for each other.

However, I think this song would be useful to listen to when feeling dull or if I need to take a break from my work. I hope that I can continue hearing more music like this. But I would be more excited if it’s from one of the artists: Lesky Hype.