Summer dreams


The cover of the book that I want to read this summer

Only 8 more school days until the end of this school year. When it reaches that last day, I have plenty of plans for that day, as well as the weeks that follow. I’ll be turning fifteen in July, and there’s a 10-day revival meeting that my family and I will attend at our church. All of these are only what’s moving my heart forward rather than the present moment. But I’m trying hard to have fun during these 8 school days. Primarily, I’m hoping that by the end of summer, I’ll be 100% ready for sophomore year.

All of these random thoughts that keep coming back to my mind are never going to leave, which isn’t too bad, at least for me. When those exams are over at 10:50 a.m. on June 8th, the relief will wash around my head and I’ll be thrilled to kick back and relax under the sun. I’ll be sipping some icy pink lemonade and munching on Doritos in my living room and laying on my fuzzy bunk bed while having soft music playing in the room.

I plan on going to KDL and hunting for as many books as I can to increase my love for reading since I consider myself a bookworm. Specifically, my favorite authors like Kelly Yang, and this one novel I am dying to turn the pages on is Butterfly Yellow by Thanhha Lai.

And there is a whole lot more waiting for me to read. I would also love to take a walk outside with my family and breathe in some fresh air. My mom also talked to my grandparents to promise to visit us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, this summer and spend some nights at our house. I hope they keep their promise and not break it since it will be their first time visiting Michigan.

I want to travel to places Up North such as Mackinac Island, Munising, and so much more with my grandparents because it gives them the chance to explore our beautiful state. I also want to have my cousins from both sides of my family go on family trips with me and my family. Most of my cousins currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so I think it would be nice having them take a summer vacation in the north. I also want to watch movies with my cousins and have some delicious warm rice with laphet thoke.

I want to find a way to celebrate the end of my freshman year and the beginning of my sophomore year. I want to teach myself to see what I could improve on, both with academics and social performance compared to freshman year, so I can improve in sophomore year. In the summer, I want to try some foods and drinks that I never had before. I want to live like it’s a free bubble where workloads of assignments and Quizizz and tests are not a thing anymore in my schedule, and I can settle down and relax on the beach.

I want to find a way to celebrate my end of freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year. I want to teach myself to see what I could improve on my academic and social performance from freshman year so I could improve in sophomore year

I also have a goal of learning about 3 foreign languages on Duolingo and YouTube. When I finish high school, I want to be able to speak my own native tongue, as well as Zomi, English, Mandarin, Burmese, Mizo, Spanish, German, and French. Honestly, there are many more dreams and plans that I have for this summer. But what I want all of these moments to have in common is that I am finding some satisfaction for myself and for others too.