“Nang Chawimawi Nan” is a song that’s engaging me more into Mizo music



Bethsy Lalrinsangi

Honestly, Mizo songs are on the top of my list, even though I barely understand what the lyrics mean. I especially have a love for this singer known as Bethsy Lalrinsangi, since my mom also listens to her music as well. I admire this beautiful lady’s charismatic and soft voice.

I have found myself falling more in love with Bethsy’s voice when I first listened to her latest song “Nang Chawimawi Nan.” The song is categorized as a contemporary Christian genre, and I am a huge Christian music lover. It was released on Feb. 1, 2022. 

When it began to play, it was a regular tune of an electric guitar, and the drums were already playing. While the intro music was blending, the singer herself appeared in a clear background with sunny weather. Bethsy was dressed in a light pink dress, and as soon as she sang, the music was replaced with a piano, which I thought was a familiar, but still captivating move. I admired the way she had let her voice rise more as the music kept moving forward.

After continuing to sing in the first part, she began to grow more emotional as the music gained a little more intensity, but the best part was how she was singing in an appropriate background. The music video showed mainly a forest, but in some parts, the background changes to a relaxing space in a house. Therefore, it’s full of neat nature vibes and feels like the tunes in Disney cartoons, which I can’t resist because I’m a huge Disney fan. Her facial expressions made me have a deep sensation of being more connected with her feelings expressed as she sang.

“Nang Chawimawi Nan” is a beautiful piece of art that reveals its heritage element as well as the unique gospel style aspect of it.

In the song title, the word “Nang” refers to you, and having that prior knowledge—even though it’s a gospel song—I have the first impression that she is talking to a person who was special in her life like a friend or a family member.

It also reminds me of times at church when some people would be chanting a Mizo melody with their alluring voices and heart. Again, I don’t know every single word they use, but I find myself being hooked on the music piece itself, and I’m satisfied with it.

“Nang Chawimawi Nan” is a beautiful piece of art that reveals its heritage element, as well as its unique gospel style aspect of it. I wish that I had taken the time back then to understand and realize how Bethsy Lalrinsangi is so absorbed in her own music; she is a true and talented artist who makes every foreigner feel welcome.

Speaking of a foreign language, no matter how much I have a hard time trying to recognize the language the song is in, I would thank Bethsy for her pure and genuine energy and inner affection in her heart. I can tell it’s her own style, which I have always heard from other previous songs of hers.

“Nang Chawimawi Nan ” is such a new and perfect secondary song that showed me what Bethsy’s style is like and made me more attached to her work, as well as Mizo Christian songs.