“Anyone For You” is the best new song I have ever listened to

I usually have an admiration for catchy contemporary pop songs. I caught myself specifically resonating with this as “Anyone For You” began to play. “Anyone For You” is a new leading single from George Ezra that will eventually be featured in his new album, Gold Rush Kid, which will come out this June.   

I realized how it sounded more like a folk song—which I rarely listen to—but it grabbed my attention, and I wanted to continue listening.

The lyrics reminded me of my middle school memories with my close friends and teachers. I remember them being there for me and how much I gave them my best appreciation. I would always attempt to figure out what unique aspects of their identity made them who they were. I’ve also done this to myself. I’ve questioned, who am I for someone? Could I be more than just one kind of person for one person? That’s what I inferred the song was covering.

When it stated, “I could be/Anything you want of me,” I enjoyed how much I could draw a personal connection with the song. Back in my first year of middle school, I once attempted to act like someone else only for the sake of other people’s attention. However, unlike the message of the song, I didn’t feel comfortable doing this and wanted to come back to the true me.

Furthermore, I found the “blues style” satisfying and laid-back, which sort of fits my personality. I am a person with a tranquil mood no matter what.

George’s voice and the way he settled down the rhythm made it fundamental for me to let my soul feel the pattern flowing back and forth.

“Anyone For You” also sparked another memory of myself in middle school, indulging in my own world while I strived to meet my personal, academic, and behavioral goals. I was reminded of the pride I felt celebrating my accomplishments, and it wasn’t only me. The people who loved and cared so much for me had the same feelings. If it weren’t for those amazing people in my life back then, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  

Getting a load of the song also made me remember my crush on one of my classmates in seventh grade. He possessed the skills of a true athlete and was a boy with straight As. He would always give that kind smile, and thinking about it had me drawing a connection between my memories of him and the lyrics, “Let me be your light.” I was that shy girl who tried her best to impress him or at least make some company with him. I could remember every time I saw him; I wanted to be the perfect person for him.

George’s voice and the way he settled down the rhythm allowed my soul to feel the pattern flowing back and forth. I also admired how George gave all of his positive energy, and it made the song sound like more of a carefree melody rather than a convoluted ode to a certain type of desire. The music video retained a colorful and vibrant tone, giving the music a thrilling attitude. 

I also loved the fact that even though the song was full of a subtle tune, it didn’t get too far from being in the shabby zone. It had the perfect amount of brightness, but it didn’t get to a different, new level.

Since hearing this song for the first time was fun, I can’t wait to listen to other music that’s in a similar genre as “Anyone For You,” and I look forward to hearing more of George Ezra’s work.