“A hmui a dawh” is unlike any other rap I’ve heard before

Hip-hop is the name of one of the genres in the music world that I barely listen to. However, I can’t help but bear the chance to hear one song that belongs to that category: ”A hmui a dawh.” It’s actually sung in a different language that I don’t fully know in terms of speaking in a regular daily conversation.

I rarely understand what the rappers are singing about, but I can make some inferences about the main points of the song just by paying attention to how they behave in a particular way in a certain environment. Based on what I saw, I’m concluding that it’s hard to understand when we love somebody, but we can’t lose that no matter what. With that strategy though, I still can’t figure out what “A hmui a dawh”—which is the title of the song—means. 

Nevertheless, I relished the fact that the catchy beat forced my ears to keep concentrating on what the words meant. The music itself made me draw a connection with American, Chinese, and Korean hip-hop that I would usually put my headphones on to enjoy.

I love the unique twist that the artists added in their song where each rapper wouldn’t use the same kind of rhythm for their part. The blending of it was even better, and I can’t resist admiring the positive energy they display throughout the entire music video.

I love the unique twist the artists added in their song where each rapper wouldn’t use the same kind of rhythm for their part.”

I also noticed that there is a slight transformation incorporated in the video. It starts with the four teenage boys being asleep as one of them begins waking up. That’s when the song starts, and right away, all of them are by each other in a different background, looking like they’re already ready to use their voices.

Personally, I would find this as something to play at a DJ party as well as playing it while I’m in my bed trying to fall asleep. Because in terms of the instrumental version that I can zone out to, it has a beginning of gentle piano music, and when the voice hits, the drums begin to strike the tempo and continue like that for the remaining piece of the song.

Furthermore, the artists had such a beautiful collaboration, which I favor. I also find it interesting enough to let myself get used to hearing foreign languages that are very unknown in the world, even in my hometown. It gets me to explore diversity more in modern-day society in terms of music and movies. It’s hard enough for me to avoid discovering plenty more of these things.

I am proud of myself for taking the time and opportunity to expand further into falling in love with the rap sung in words I can’t interpret. It’s obvious that this won’t be the only time that I’ll do that. There’s a handful more to see, read, and hear with songs like these. “A hmui a dawh” is perfect in a way of educating myself on culture as well as coming back to my love for hip-hop again.