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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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This is my rating of Netflix’s and Bath & Body Works Bridgerton Candle Collection

Bath & Body Works: The Bridgerton Collection

I was enthralled when I heard through the grapevine that an acclaimed homecare and fragrance store—Bath & Body Works—released a new fragrance line in collaboration with Netflix’s upcoming new season of Bridgerton. 

The line includes various homecare objects—hand sanitizers, soaps, fragrance mists, and customized fragrance plugs. But, the most intriguing line is the five-themed candles introduced in the Bridgerton Collection: Bridgerton Study, Queen Charlotte’s Tea, Wisteria Garden, Danbury Shortbread, and Diamond of the Season. 

So, I thought I would review the candles and rank them based on my opinions on what makes a successful candle collaboration. 

When exploring these scents, I noticed that—while each had their distinct aromas—some candles lacked in comparison to others. So, in order to help other consumers, I thought I would review the candles and rank them based on my opinions on what makes a successful candle collaboration. 

I’m going to be ranking them based on three aspects: correlation of savor to the show, strength, and creativity. 

Bridgerton Study by Bath & Body Works

Bridgerton Study: 10/10

Made with smooth amber, oakwood, and dried orchids. 

Bridgerton Study is—by far—the best candle to be released in the Bridgerton Collection. Not only is it extremely potent, but it has a tang that is authentic Bridgerton.

The smooth amber and oakwood combine in a way that is reminiscent of libraries and mature wood furniture. It’s the smell I would expect entering a study, especially a 19th-century study. Complemented by the dried orchids, which help lighten the heavy fragrance and keep it smelling fresh, the candle inducts one into the world of Bridgerton.

In fact, if one finds oneself in possession of the candle, I would suggest lighting it while watching Bridgerton—whether that be for spin-offs, the past seasons, or the new season coming shortly. 

Queen Charlotte’s Tea: 8/10

Made with rich bergamot, bold citrus, and black tea leaves. 

Queen Charlotte’s Tea comes second only to Bridgerton Study on its ability to be completely and utterly genuine Bridgerton.

Queen Charlotte’s Tea by Bath & Body Works

When I first sniffed the candle, the image that came into mind was the bath scene when Queen Charlotte is taking a bath and a messenger rushes in with the newest edition of Lady Whistledown. The Queen is so impatient to read what Lady Whistledown has written that she immediately gets out of the bath to view it. 

If a collaboration candle can make such a vivid scene pop into my head after I’ve just sniffed it, then I consider it a success. 

The only reason I decided to score it lower than Bridgerton Study is because the fragrance is a little too exclusive. It’s more suitable for a bathroom, but anywhere else the scent seems misplaced. 

Wisteria Garden: 5/10

Made with sweet rosewood, English rain, and lemon petals.

Wisteria Garden, to put it mildly, is generic in every sense of the word. From the name to the scent, and even to the scene it refers to.

It’s the only candle that I consider flora or flora-centered, as its lemon petal and rosewood ingredients are extremely overpowering. That does—to an extent—make it distinctive when compared to the other options in the collection, but not anywhere else, and not in a way that makes it particularly good or bad.

Wisteria Garden by Bath & Body Works

However, it is fulfilling merchandise-wise. As many fans know flowers hold an imperative role in Bridgerton—both symbolically and practically. Flowers are used to represent people, relationships, and emotions.

Wisteria, especially, is used considerably throughout the TV series including the Bridgerton house, gardens, and even in the spin-off show Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

So, while the aroma isn’t exceptional, the correlation the candle has between the novel and shows far makes up for the fact. 

Danbury Shortbread: 4/10

Made with whipped vanilla, almonds, and sugar crystals.

Danbury Shortbread is an unusual candle to include in the Bridgerton Collaboration, mostly because, unlike the other candles, there is no callback or correlation between the character Lady Danbury and Shortbread. 

Danbury Shortbread by Bath & Body Works

The closest connection I can think of between the two subjects is the ball held by Lady Danbury at the beginning of season one, which was a major event in both the show and the novel. That might be what the candle is referring to, but it would be a stretch.

However, the capability of the candle far makes up for the ambiguity behind its title. It has a pleasantly potent aroma—not too strong nor too weak—and it reminds me of something I would smell in a kitchen or bakery.

I wouldn’t buy the candle again, mostly because I’m not a fan of sugary or vanilla scents. However, I would suggest giving the candle a try to anyone who enjoys that scent family.

Diamond of the Season: 2/10

Made with sparkling peach, spring daffodil, and radiant jasmine. 

Diamond of the Season—despite its cardinal title—was the least impressive and least innovative candle released in the entire set: a sweeping disappointment.

Those who are familiar with Bridgerton—either by watching the Netflix production or reading the books—are acquainted with the title of “Diamond of the Season”. It is a tile granted to the most eligible lady of the season, the Queen’s favorite, and holds significant narrative weight in the story.

Diamond of the Season by Bath & Body Works

So, then why? Why did they choose such a generic scent for a candle named after such a salient event? 

It’s not potent. I doubt you could smell the candle even if you lit it for several hours. Even if you could, the smell is so common it wouldn’t change much in the surrounding environment. In that aspect, it fails as a candle.

Furthermore, the smell doesn’t bring up any connections to the show, unlike Queen Charlotte’s Tea or Wisertia Graden. It doesn’t make me stop and think “This scent reminds me…” or “This feels like an aroma that would fit in this one scene…” 

If I’m buying a product in collaboration with a show—especially one I enjoy—my mantra is that if you can’t make it favorable for the fans, make it favorable for the consumer. This candle doesn’t do either. 

It gives off the impression that there needed to be more thought put behind the product, both functionally and creatively, which taints the rest of the collection and its reputation. 

In conclusion, the Bridgerton Collection has a wide variety of options for fans. While I have personal issues—and grudges—with some of the products they’ve released and their executions, they have managed to diversify for their audiences.

To put it simply, there are choices for everyone. No matter what you like or dislike, there’s something for everyone and that’s something to applaud.

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