Winterfest Court Q&As: Lauren Speicher

1. What was your reaction to getting nominated on court?

“I was super excited and honestly, a little surprised, but I was so excited, and I love the court, so I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.”

2. What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“It means so much. I’m so honored, and I feel so happy and excited to be on court, and I think it’s a super fun experience. I’m really looking forward to doing it and also being with the other candidates as well.”

3. Who’s someone that should’ve been nominated for court and wasn’t?

“Probably Olivia Dewald. She’s such an amazing and super fun person. She’s so funny. She makes me laugh constantly, and she’s just such a sweet person that everyone loves.”

4. What is your favorite Winterfest tradition and why?

“My favorite Winterfest tradition is probably the lip sync because that’s such a unique part of Winterfest, and everyone knows Winterfest for the lip syncs that all the [court] couples do, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

5. What’s your favorite type of pasta and why?

“Probably bow tie. Yeah, that’s my favorite.”

6. Describe the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.

“The weirdest dream is probably that I was being chased by a tree that was alive. It was just chasing me around. That’s all I remember though; I kind of woke up right when I felt like the climax would have happened.”

7. What’s one song you hope they’ll play at the dance?

“Honestly, any Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars goes hard.”

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