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Winterfest Court Q&As: Remmie Ingraham

1. What was your reaction to getting nominated on court?

“I was pretty surprised and excited. The people on court are really sweet.”

2. What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“It’s nice; it means that other people would like to see me on court. It’s a fun thing, and I try not to take it too seriously.”

3. Who’s someone that should’ve been nominated for court and wasn’t?

“I think there’s a lot of people who definitely should have been on court. I think that Ben Taylor definitely should have been nominated. He’s a nice and cool person who is kind to everyone and very outgoing.”

4. What is your favorite Winterfest tradition and why?

“I think my favorite Winterfest tradition is the basketball games. I used to play basketball, so I love watching and seeing the players compete.”

5. What’s your favorite type of pasta and why?

“My favorite pasta is shrimp scampi because it’s my favorite food overall; I love shrimp.”

6. Describe the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.

“When I was younger, around Halloween, I used to have a dream that a pumpkin would chase me through chicken coops.”

7. What’s one song you hope they’ll play at the dance?

“I think some throwback songs because it’s my senior year, so [I want] something to remind me of my freshman year Winterfest.”

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