Annie Douma

Homecoming Court Q&As: Gavin Cai

What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

“Hearing my name, I was honestly more excited than I thought I would be.”

Why do you think you were nominated?

“I feel it’s pretty typical for the class president to be voted on to court, so that’s probably the largest reason.”

Who do you think should be nominated for court that isn’t already?

“I think [senior] Allison Kay Werkema would have been a really good candidate for court, as well as [senior] Chris Shang but unfortunately, he won’t be able to be there.”

Which spirit day is your favorite?

“My favorite spirit day is definitely PJ day because it’s so easy.”

What is your favorite Ranger Homecoming Week tradition?

“My favorite Ranger Homecoming Week tradition is probably the parade. Building and walking with my class float was really fun last year and I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted to ride in the Jeeps, so I’m excited I’ll have the opportunity to do that.”

If you had the chance to visit outer space, would you?

“Yes, only if I can come back.”

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