TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Sydney Race

John Orr—because duh

Thank you for spending that much money on me. Thank you for covering my expenses when stores don’t take Apple Pay (because they really should start). Thank you for taking me to Culver’s and for being my ride everywhere. Anyways, you’re just the greatest human being—thank you for always dealing with my absurd issues and daily inconveniences. Thank you for the unlimited frosted lemonades after school and the early morning gas station runs. Thank you for the funniest past eleven months.

Frankie Sea man—or however you spell that last name

I should be able to spell your last name by now, but I can’t, and I’m sorry; nonetheless, I’m incredibly grateful for your craze. I love that you’re a fake blonde, and I love that we both have the same terrible humor. Please come to Grand Rapids soon and see us (me and John) and get boba, sea man.

Sofia—because I love you 

You’ll always be Sofia to me, not Sof or Sophia, but the f just fits, because you’re just the funniest little person ever. I love your bright energy and goofy essence during the meetings in sixth hour, and I’m so thankful that I get to enjoy you and your coolness so often. I feel like you understand me the most too, in some ways more than others, but I love how I can have somebody that understands things similarly to me. I miss our sleepovers, board games, and Twilight—as much as I don’t want to say it—but I’m endlessly grateful for you, silly goose.

My Cats—Roscoe and Casey

It is very necessary to include your pets in your Countless Thanks. Casey, for being the oldest, most neurotic calico ever, and Roscoe, for being the 27 lbs. of fluff that couldn’t stand a second of independence, I love them so dearly. I’m grateful that they’re so soft and loving. Thank you for being so cuddly and loving, and thank you for making everybody with an allergy react! 

Heather Jaze and Rachel Buchholz—the best people to run an Instagram account with

With followers and fame like none other, thank you for being by my side another year. Thank you for all the precarious memories, all the sleepovers, and all the late nights. I’m grateful I have the two of you to always talk to and plan the next big night (that consists of nothing more than scrolling through our phones and playing music). Besides that, I miss sleeping on the arm of Rachel’s basement couch while Heather takes candid photo shots. You guys are the funniest. 

Hannah Levering—because I’m so proud of you

You’re a very hardworking person, and I admire that because I couldn’t imagine going to the lengths you go for school and sports. I’m so proud of you and where you are. I’m thankful that through all this time, all the ‘Rakipi Vlogs,’ all the cheer competitions and practices, you’re still here. Thank you for not leaving me. 

Jessie Warren and Nat Mix—for all being in car accidents 

People around here can’t drive, and one would think they were taught an entirely different version of Driver’s Education, but no. However, I’m thankful that we all lived to tell our road horror stories and everything that followed. Since you guys had to graduate and leave FHC, room 139 feels entirely different, but the room still reminds me so much of you two. I miss it a lot, and I hope we have our presentation night soon. Thank you for still being alive. I love you two with all the capacity my heart allows. 

Kristen, Lisa, and Ella—my superhero coworkers

Thank you for always being my slicers. As far as chasing somebody through the store, I’ve enjoyed trying to keep you notified when a customer walks in because I physically can’t serve them, but it’s fine. I’m grateful that you all keep me together during my shifts and on top of the chaos that ensues. Thank you for never stopping our flow and being the people to actually do their job. Thank you for letting me learn from my mistakes rather than brushing them off. Thank you for letting a teenager help run the show and close it up when we’re done. Please don’t quit.

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