Puneet Chowdhary

FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Dia Sriram

Grade: 10

Performance: Supersonics

Give an elevator pitch for your performance: 

“We are performing, ‘Holding out for a Hero,’ and it’s just us. We don’t have any backing tracks. We don’t have any other instruments. It’s just a piano, the drums, and the best vocals in the school.”

What specific qualities make your performance intriguing?

“The fact that it’s a group of really cool girls, and we’re doing everything just us, it’s something fun and something a little different than whatever anyone else is doing.”

How does your performance reflect you as a person/group?

“I think we just want to have fun, and we can do that by just being with our friends and playing music.”

Does stage fright impact you at all? 

“Yes, but you can get through it because once you realize it’s just a talent show, you’re there to be with your friends.”

Why did you choose to try out for the talent show? 

“We did last year and it was really fun, and I just wanted to do it with Alex and [senior] Lauren [Brace] again. They’re really great, so it’s so fun.”

How long have you been preparing for this? 

“We’ve been preparing for a while, maybe a couple of months, but even before we practiced some stuff,  just trying to figure out what to do.”

If you could have one pet, any pet, what would it be?

“A cat—pretty basic. Or an alien.”

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