FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Noah Oppenhuizen

Grade: 10

Performance: “Toxicity” by System of a Down

Give an elevator pitch for your performance: 

“I’m gonna be doing some very intense drumming to metal. [I’ll] be using a lot of aggression.”

What specific qualities make your performance intriguing?

“I have a lot of expression when I’m playing, and I use a lot of force. I don’t play like any other drummer that would just keep a straight face [and] jam on.”

How does your performance reflect you as a person/group?

“Music is my life, especially drumming, so I’d say it really brings out [what I] really like to be

Does stage fright impact you at all? 

“It might, but with drumming, I’m kind of just on my own, in my own place.”

Why did you choose to try out for the talent show? 

“In fourth grade and seventh grade, I was in the talent show, and I wanted to do it again because all of those times, I was drumming, but now, I’ve gotten a lot more skilled.”

How long have you been preparing for this? 

“I started practicing in June.”

If you could have one pet, any pet, what would it be? 

“A poodle.”

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