Intro to Business Q&As: Estella Yaw – No Flo

Members: Estella Yaw (Management and Leadership), Addison Reuter – (Marketing), Jack Monterusso, Kamal Berjawi (Sales), Jomaire Rios (Sales), Gianna Davidson (Supply Chain), Cameron Segebarth (Finance)

Product: Can covers, energy drinks, and a variety of pop

Grade: 10

Why should somebody buy from your business? 

“I believe that students at FHC should buy from our business because it fixes the issue of spilling drinks and also gives students a pick-me-up in the middle of the day to help them stay focused and give them an energy boost. Not only will we be selling during school hours but also after school events. People should also buy from us because we are supporting a really good cause that helps our environment and supports recycling called Habitat for Humanity.”

How did you decide on the product(s) you’re selling? 

“We went through a brainstorming process and originally wanted to sell energy drinks because we felt they were a popular thing and later, [we] came across the idea of can covers.”

What has the planning process looked like so far? What’s next? 

“Our planning process has been a lot of brainstorming and testing different ideas, and now, we have started marketing research and [a lot] of other things are taking place as well.”

Explain how your business is similar to a real business.

“We are not getting any financial assistance, and some days, we are able to work on what we feel is needed, so it is very independent.”

What does teamwork look like for your business? 

“Teamwork is a very important role in our business and really dictates how [our business] goes for us in the sense of having to trust one another to get things done.”

What “real world” skills have you learned from Intro to Business? 

“I have learned that it is very important to communicate and collaborate with your team members.”

If you encountered a grizzly bear in nature, how would you respond? 

“I would try to stay calm and slowly back away.”

What’s your favorite word?

“My favorite word that relates to business would be ‘trust.'”

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