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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Ella Peirce

Ella Peirce, Staff Writer

Ella is a freshman beginning her first year on The Central Trend. She has been figure skating for over eight years and plays volleyball. Ella loves hanging out with her friends, playing Animal Crossing, listening to music, scrolling through Pinterest, and rewatching her favorite shows over and over again. Ending her day in room 139 is one of the highlights of Ella's day already, and she can't wait for what's next.

Favorite musical artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite show: The Good Place

Favorite food: Chicken fried rice

Favorite season: All of them


All content by Ella Peirce
A collage of bullet journaling images that came up when I searched through Pinterest.

When bullet journaling, perfection is not always something to strive for

January 31, 2023

Torn out pages. Emptied bottles of whiteout. Used up erasers. For perfectionists, bullet journaling sometimes feels like a form of torture. However, after learning to release any preconceived notions of...

A photo of the sun setting over the lake.

The blissful memories of my past are slowly fading

January 24, 2023

Every summer growing up, I had one thing to look forward to, until I didn’t; until my fondest memories gradually turned into a distant dream that I can only look back upon with a loving gaze. Up until...

Sophomore Abbie Glass pictured in front of some trees

Abbie Glass looks forward to the possibilities of her future

January 17, 2023

Sophomore Abbie Glass doesn’t find herself afraid while flying in an airplane through vast clouds, over the country. Rather, she feels excited, as each takeoff means she’s about to be accustomed to...

A photo of some pink flowers taken at Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in Europe.

We should de-romanticize Valentine’s Day

January 17, 2023

My favorite color has always fluctuated and shifted depending on just about nothing at all. But as of right now, I’ve decided on pink. As I grow older, I seem to fall more and more in love with the rosy...

A photo I took at the 2019 US Nationals, which were held in Detroit.

My personal favorite figure skating programs of 2022

January 10, 2023

2022 was a year full of drama, scandals, and new records for the figure skating community. The winter Olympics occurred, Illia Malinin became the first person ever to land a quadruple axel, Yuzuru Hanyu...

My New Years journal page from 2022, using lyrics from Taylor Swifts 22.

Empty resolutions

January 9, 2023

For each year in my existing memory, I’ve spent New Year’s Eve at my grandparent’s house watching the ball drop. And every time it does, it feels like something is supposed to change, like an invisible...

A screenshot of my winter/Christmas board, that I created because thinking about Christmas makes me happy.

Pinterest’s organizational and aesthetic qualities make it the superior social media platform

December 12, 2022

Social media has two main components. There's media, and there’s the social aspect of said media. Some apps are more of one than the other; Snapchat is primarily social and Instagram is somewhat of a...

Kaden (far right) standing with his teammates.

Kaden LaJoie has discovered a welcoming community within the FHC crew team

December 7, 2022

To sophomore Kaden LaJoie, the feeling of being on the water, in a boat, with his crew team is simply unsurpassed by all the other joys the sport has to offer.  “I just love being outside and being...

My friend Elle and I, recreating a photo taken on Halloween.

Photos provide a glimpse into who I used to be

December 4, 2022

I love reminiscing about the past. I love it a little too much, even, to the point where it consumes my present. I think about who I was then, who I am now, all the things I should’ve done differently,...

The media center where the workshop took place

Workshops about the school environment are making a student-driven positive impact on FHC

November 30, 2022

Throughout a full day of discussing the culture of FHC and more, the staff found an entertaining midday activity to give the students a quick break from thinking and problem-solving. Resource room teacher...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2022: Ella Peirce

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Ella Peirce

November 21, 2022

To my friends- Thank you, Elle Manning. You’ve been there for me since kindergarten, and I hope that never changes. You’re always the first person I tell things to, and the last person to forget...

A snowy view from my bedroom window

Each season as I see it

November 20, 2022

As the first snowfall of the year delicately drifts to the ground, the fiery leaves stop dancing in the wind and transition to their snow-covered graves. Winter. Snowflakes, fireplaces, and blankets....

A small Christmas tree sitting next to a record player, the perfect setup to listen to these songs if you have them on vinyl

The holiday season has begun—here’s a list of Christmas songs that sleigh

November 11, 2022

I used to be one of the people shouting over the early-November merry holiday tunes, "What about Thanksgiving!" However, as I’ve matured, I’ve decided that Thanksgiving isn’t really that interesting....

Junior Lucy Yoder stands in the rain with an umbrella.

Lucy Yoder values the friendships formed through track

November 9, 2022

Junior Lucy Yoder fills her days with track practice and off-season training. Weirdly enough, she doesn’t actually like running. “[I] definitely don't [like] running itself,” Lucy said. “I like...

The cover art for Ella Janes sophomore project.

Ella Jane’s new album “Marginalia” was the perfect second step in her music career

November 7, 2022

Whilst browsing Spotify’s multitude of pre-designed playlists, I came across a song called “nothing else i could do” by an artist named Ella Jane. To be honest, I only listened to the song because...

The cover art for Sabrina Carpenters fifth album, emails i cant send.

“Emails i can’t send” by Sabrina Carpenter isn’t appreciated enough

November 3, 2022

During the short summer days, I was consistently looking for new things to keep me entertained. Alongside other various activities, my main entertainment was music. With lead singles that drew me in and...

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