Film Festival Q&As 2023: Vivian Wheland

Film: The Game

Grade: 11th

What is the premise of your film?

“Lily finds herself in need of a large sum of money and turns to an old friend for help. When things do not go as planned, she is forced to play a high-stake game worth more than her life.”

Without spoiling, what should the audience expect to see?

“Expect to see fights, drama, a little bit of humor, and a plot twist.”

How did your group come up with the idea for your film?

“We wanted to make a movie with a twist while adding in elements of a game show. That was a big thing of ours.”

What has the planning and filming process looked like?

“Ever since first semester, we have been working on writing our script to story-boarding it. When we got to filming, we spent most of our weekends and class time filming and editing.”

What’s been your favorite part about creating The Game?

“Acting as a real movie maker was such a fun experience to have because it felt so out of the norm.”

How did you choose the actors/actresses?

“Honestly, the main characters were easy to choose because Allison and I were best friends as kids and knew we’d want to use old pictures of us. The rest was filled in easily with the remaining group members.”

What’s one word to describe your film?


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