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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Maylee Ohlman

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer

Maylee Ohlman is a sophomore going on to her first year on The Central Trend.  She spontaneously decided to join Writing for Publication this year and is now excited to keep writing for the rest of her time in high school. She dances on the FHCVDT in the winter. In her free time, she loves to read, swim at the beach, and try new bubble tea spots across Michigan. Maylee loves to feel like a tourist anywhere she goes and aspires to travel as much as she can in her lifetime. Besides reading and traveling, she's always loved movies and good food, and hopes to eventually combine her passions into a journalism career.

Favorite book: Better than the Movies by Lynn Painter

Favorite TV show: The Last of Us

Go-to bubble tea order: A peach milk tea with lychee jelly and tapioca pearls

All content by Maylee Ohlman
The official album cover for Found Heaven.

In Found Heaven, Conan Gray adopts a new synth production that doesn’t quite match to his signature lyricism

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

Since the beginning of his career with his debut EP Sunset Season in 2018, musical artist Conan Gray has long been heralded as one of the great pop artists of this generation. He delivers heartbreaking...

Lauren Lutz (pictured low middle) has gained many new friends and experiences through cheer.

By playing tennis and joining the cheer team, Lauren Lutz has discovered the art of spontaneity

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer March 25, 2024

In her sophomore year, junior Lauren Lutz spontaneously decided to try out for the varsity cheerleading team. With no prior experience in cheerleading, Lauren was extremely nervous to meet new friends...

My first day of third grade at elementary school.

The jumbled contents of my memory boxes: the quiet girl

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

I’ve always fallen into the category of “quiet.” “She’s too shy. She won’t talk to you.” “All she cares about is grades.” “I don’t think she has any friends.” These...

One of the incredible movie posters for Dune: Part Two.

Dune: Part Two was a visually stunning masterpiece that has secured its spot as one of the best sequels of all time

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer March 11, 2024

Dune: Part One was released to critical acclaim in Sep. 2021 as an adaptation of the famous novel by Frank Herbert. Directed by the visionary film director Denis Villeneuve, Dune was an immediate success...

The logo for the new Allergy Safe Club.

Allergy Safe Club helps to spread positivity and inclusiveness to the overlooked topic of dietary restrictions

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer March 4, 2024

When junior Ashley Hibma was first diagnosed with Celiac disease at age twelve, her life was changed forever. Due to the extreme dietary change Ashley was thrust into at a young age—Celiac disease...

In this photo, I was shocked when this bird landed on my head at the Indianapolis Zoo in 2019.

The jumbled contents of my memory chests: a new adventure

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

The first vacation I vividly remember was one of my family’s international trips in 2014. This time, it was a completely new place for my sister and me: the Bahamas. More specifically, Atlantis Paradise...

Rachel Zegler accepting the Peoples Choice Award for The Action Movie Star of the Year on February 18, 2024.

The blatant disrespect for Rachel Zegler is embedded in sexism and needs to stop

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 26, 2024

I first heard of the controversial actress Rachel Zegler in 2022. I was browsing mindlessly through Disney+'s movie recommendations when I accidentally clicked on the live-action remake of West Side...

Junior Arsenia Tompkins loves to travel as much as possible.

Arsenia Tompkins has found unforgettable experiences through travel

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 20, 2024

For each new country that junior Arsenia Tompkins travels to, she journeys to a local Pandora Jewelry store and selects a charm to place on her travel charm bracelet for a keepsake. Last summer, when...

My traditional birthday photo from last year.

The jumbled contents of my memory boxes: an unwavering photo

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

One late night a few months ago, I was scrolling through my camera roll when I caught a glimpse of a photo that had long been lost to me.  It was a simple photo with nothing extraordinary about it;...

A collage of some of the elegant outfits from the evening of the Grammy Awards.

While some artists fell short on their fashion, others rose to the occasion at the 2024 Grammy Awards

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

Every year, millions of viewers gather online to critique the red-carpet looks from multiple exclusive events: the Emmy Awards, the Golden Globes, and most recently, the Grammy Awards. Famously deemed...

Members of the environmental club at one of their cleanups last fall.

Environmental Club hopes to provide a leadership driven community while educating students

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer February 7, 2024

Through after-school cleanups in the fall and project-based activities in the winter, FHC's environmental club strives to raise awareness of the detrimental natural conditions on planet Earth while encouraging...

This is another one of those moments where life seemed simpler while reading at the beach.

The jumbled contents of my memory chests – an ornate porcelain egg

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 31, 2024

On a slow, leisurely July afternoon, a girl’s dad was driving her down Cherry Street when she spotted a welcoming stand filled with endless, tiny porcelain figures. She gasped in delight—she has a...

The cover for the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of Ruthless Vows, released on December 26, 2023.

Ruthless Vows was an enjoyable but underdeveloped finish to the Letters of Enchantment duology

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

I was sitting on a black, wooden footrest in my uncle's house on Christmas day when my aunt asked me what I would be doing for the next few days until winter break ended and school began its rigorous demands...

Maya at her favorite place: the golf course.

Maya Fitzgerald has taken her passion for golf to new heights

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 22, 2024

Senior Maya Fitzgerald has considered golf her passion ever since she was nine years old when she began golfing with her dad at The First Tee, a youth golfing organization. She began taking classes and...

A very happy Maylee this past June at the Flume Gorge in New Hampshire.

The jumbled contents of my memory chests – a deafening waterfall

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 16, 2024

I began rummaging through the messy contents in my old memory chest, looking for a specific item. I had just picked out a pamphlet in my mind that I had recently placed in this box a few months before.  My...

The entrance to a Sephora, the nations most popular beauty retailer.

Sephora “10 year olds” are taking over beauty retailers with their reckless behavior and expensive spending habits

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 15, 2024

Occasionally, I walk into my local Sephora, looking for a brand-new product to add to my skincare or makeup assortment. When I first began visiting Sephora last year, I was usually one of the youngest...

My 8 year old self wearing my favorite necklace at the time.

The jumbled contents of my memory chests – a wave of nostalgia

Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer January 12, 2024

She sits on the fading beige carpet of her bedroom in trepidation, a slight wave of fear crawling up her spine. It’s been years since she’s rifled through the never-ending contents of her two memory...

An image pulled from a slideshow on the importance of romanticism.

We are all fools in love

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer December 14, 2023

I was once one of those people who tried to see rationally. My life has been colored in black and white since the moment I was born. Pencil on paper, a mundane winter’s day, the canvas of childhood...

Junior Amna Makic on vacation in California this past summer.

Amna Makic finds her love for travel through warm weather and delicious food

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer December 8, 2023

On a wonderfully clear day in New York City, New York, junior Amna Makic had plans to journey above the numerous skyscrapers and see a view talked about among avid tourists. This view was from the Hudson...

The main poster for Lessons in Chemistry, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Lessons in Chemistry was a brilliant experiment well worth watching

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer December 4, 2023

When I walked into Barnes and Noble earlier this year, I was not expecting to see a huge stack of copies of Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus, the Barnes and Noble Book of the Year in 2022.  Determined...

A shelf of books not unlike my own shelf at home.

A book, a girl, and a memory

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 30, 2023

I began reading when I was two years old. My parents say I was an especially eager reader. By picking up absolute masterpieces like The Cat in the Hat and The Pout-Pout Fish, I was destined to become...

The members of the guitar club at the introductory meeting.

Guitar Club is fostering a welcoming environment for guitar players of all levels

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 27, 2023

Despite being locked out of the orchestra room for 10 minutes, the new FHC Guitar Club managed to hold a successful first meeting with a well-rounded turnout of students. The guitar club officially joined...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2023: Maylee Ohlman

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Maylee Ohlman

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 21, 2023

Dad (Pop)- You know me better than anyone. I will never be able to express how thankful I am for you supporting me in anything and everything I do. I cherish every car ride, every boba stop, and every...

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles talking at the Grammy Awards in 2023.

The release of the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) tracks elicited unwarranted attacks on Harry Styles by Swifties

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 13, 2023

Waking up on Oct. 27, 2023, I had only one intention in mind: to listen to the new 1989 Taylor’s Version (From The Vault) tracks as soon as possible. Having grown up with Taylor Swift’s first official...

The shy rainbow shows the ethereal beauty of life.

I used to be scared of death

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 9, 2023

On an extremely late night for a twelve-year-old, I was crying because I had to go back to school. In the midst of the pandemic, I decided to take online classes for the first semester of 7th grade....

Lydia Gurley has learned valuable lessons through her employment at Luna of Ada.

Lydia Gurley has gained crucial experience from her job

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer November 2, 2023

When senior Lydia Gurley’s friend senior Kadence Rolfzema showed her the incident in the bathrooms at Luna of Ada, Lydia was extremely disgusted by the sight before her.  “Somebody pooped on the...

A snapshot of Laufey performing in Thalia Hall on October 21, 2023.

Laufey’s Bewitched Tour was a dazzling night to remember

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer October 30, 2023

After standing almost motionless outside in the bitter Chicago air for two hours, I was more than ready to get inside and watch a concert I had been anxiously anticipating for nearly six months. Laufey...

Lolita performing at the Miami Seaquarium for adoring onlookers.

Lolita the orca’s untimely demise causes a resurgence in activism for captive sea mammals

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer October 11, 2023

On a bright sunny day in Florida, I made the executive decision to visit the Miami Seaquarium.  I was 11 years old and as obsessed with dolphins as any one child could possibly be. I had at least 20...

The movie poster for Disneys The Little Mermaid.

Against all odds, The Little Mermaid managed to be a triumph worth waiting for

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer October 11, 2023

I couldn’t contain my excitement while bounding into the theater. I also couldn’t care less that it was seen as childish to be this excited about a Disney movie at 15. I had been eagerly anticipating...

My little joyous self at the age of 11.

I am healing my inner child

Maylee Ohlman, Junior Writer September 22, 2023

I open the door to see a small girl sobbing on the bed.   She doesn’t have glasses yet, and there’s snot running down her chin, but I would recognize her anywhere. Tentatively, I begin to walk...

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