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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The jumbled contents of my memory chests: a new adventure

Scott Ohlman
In this photo, I was shocked when this bird landed on my head at the Indianapolis Zoo in 2019.

The first vacation I vividly remember was one of my family’s international trips in 2014. This time, it was a completely new place for my sister and me: the Bahamas. More specifically, Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, the extravagant ocean-themed resort housing more marine animals than I could count and the astounding water park.

Although I don’t know the exact point in time that I became practically obsessed with all things ocean-related, I do know that in Aug. 2014, I was well on my way to becoming a junior marine life expert. So, as expected, walking into the Atlantis resort was like a fever dream. It was everything I had ever wanted it to be; each new corner turned was brimming with imaginative surprises such as a large rock pool with crystal clear water that held about 10 rehabilitated nurse sharks and a colossal waterfall where four green sea turtles swam around in the chaotic pond at the end of the fall.

My family often tells me I was an exuberant kid, full of passion and wonder. I had an endless thirst for new experiences; nothing ever satisfied my voracious appetite for travel. From Vietnam to California, I was skipping my way through the sunny days full of an admiring attitude toward a national park or a historic carousel. Even now, the same could be said for my adoration for finding something new every day. Just last weekend, my dad and I went to a new coffee shop and took a new street home that we had yet to drive down. It always thrills me when I find something not yet discovered in my life.

I have finally learned to love the present because whether I want to believe it or not, I will never get back each moment I experience once it’s gone.

However, something has dimmed inside me as I’ve grown. With each day passing by in a blur, the light of my youth has been slowly diminishing. Even though the unexpected moments in a day make my outlook a little brighter, I can’t help but feel I’ve been moving forward with no direction. I’ve been looking forward to the future so eagerly. I remember thinking on my first day of freshman year of high school, “Just wait a little longer. Soon enough, I’ll be in college and in a new state with cool restaurants and things to enjoy.”

Looking back, I cannot believe how naive I was. I honestly thought my four years of high school would be near the worst of my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, many days at school have been soured by my judgment and unsatisfactory test grades, but along with that, I’ve found a place where I can feel comfortable and accepted. Over the past two years, I’ve founded relationships with people I never thought I’d talk to. I’ve felt emotions that I never thought I would feel again in a school environment. So far, high school has been good for me.

A newfound experience will brighten my spirits like nothing else ever will. However, I’ve also learned that while I anticipate the future, it’s best to settle into my current situation and appreciate the joy I feel each day. I have finally learned to love the present because whether I want to believe it or not, I will never get back each moment I experience once it’s gone.

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About the Contributor
Maylee Ohlman
Maylee Ohlman, Staff Writer
Maylee Ohlman is a sophomore going on to her first year on The Central Trend.  She spontaneously decided to join Writing for Publication this year and is now excited to keep writing for the rest of her time in high school. She dances on the FHCVDT in the winter. In her free time, she loves to read, swim at the beach, and try new bubble tea spots across Michigan. Maylee loves to feel like a tourist anywhere she goes and aspires to travel as much as she can in her lifetime. Besides reading and traveling, she's always loved movies and good food, and hopes to eventually combine her passions into a journalism career. Favorite book: Better than the Movies by Lynn Painter Favorite TV show: The Last of Us Go-to bubble tea order: A peach milk tea with lychee jelly and tapioca pearls

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