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A collection of relevant Halloween costumes to embrace 2023’s pop culture moments

A collage of the inspirations I mention in this article.

It’s spooky season, and Halloween’s rapid approach has jump-scared me once again. Every year, there are many classic costumes to be found: witches, black cats, and ghosts are all seen year after year. However, there are also a variety of costumes that are generally specific to each year, whether it be based on a current celebrity look or the newest movie release. If you want to incorporate an element of relevancy into your Halloween look this year, I have just the list.


The movie of the summer is a perfect place to take inspiration from as we celebrate Halloween this fall. Barbie and Ken have certainly been popular costumes in past years, but with actress Margot Robbie showing off endless looks throughout the new movie, there’s now a whole new selection of outfits to recreate. Going solo as either Barbie or Ken is obviously an option, but it works as a duo costume as well. From Roller Skating Barbie and Ken and their bright neon attire to Western Barbie and Ken dressed head to toe in hot pink or black, there’s a costume for everyone within the wardrobe we see in the film.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

If someone is searching for a duo costume that is extremely relevant to current pop culture, this is the costume for them. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have taken the media by storm recently, with every known detail of their relationship being broadcast to football fans and Swifties alike. Due to both of them having such large fanbases, they’ve become somewhat of an “It couple,” although many think it’s a PR stunt. Dressing up as Kelce is fairly simple; all someone needs is a Kansas City Chiefs jersey—Kelce is number 87—or any Chiefs attire at all. As for becoming Swift, there are far more options. In terms of precision, they could recreate an outfit she has worn to one of Kelce’s games. Or, they could recreate an outfit she wears from The Eras Tour. The possibilities are endless, as dressing as Swift never goes out of “Style (Taylor’s Version).”

Celebrities are always a staple costume, and one way to add the element of relevancy is to dress up as a recent, iconic look.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

On May 26 of this year, a sense of childlike wonder was temporarily reinstalled within me as I watched the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. This movie has sparked plenty of discussion over various topics surrounding Disney’s choice to remake old movies instead of creating new ones, but one enjoyable aspect of the remakes is the beloved characters being talked about again, and possibly even dressed up as. There are many methods to channel Ariel and her aquatic beauty. At the simplest level, a purple top and green bottoms would likely get the point across. If someone wants to be complex, there’s a variety of mermaid-esque items and accessories that are perfect for this ensemble.

Beyoncé from the Renaissance Tour

Celebrities are always a staple costume, and one way to add the element of relevancy is to dress up as a recent, iconic look. Beyoncé toured the nation on her Renaissance Tour, and while I’m not an avid follower of Beyonce, I’ve seen several clips of her performing; a multitude of outfits are present. All of these looks she’s worn on stage compile into one cohesive album aesthetic and one cohesive Halloween costume for those who want to mirror their favorite singer.

In the ten months from January to October, there are a multitude of pop culture moments to serve as inspiration for anyone’s next costume, and these are some of my personal favorites.

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