Intro to Business Q&As 2023

Intro to Business Q&As: Estella Yaw – No Flo

Intro to Business Q&As: Eli Lipke – Looped

Ava Tilley, Staff Writer

Members: Sawyer Jordan, Reese Bonsail, Josie Nugent, Drew Gordon, Priya Mahabir, Riley Koehler, Eli Lipke Product: Silicone gel bracelets  Grade: 10 Why should somebody buy from your business?  "We make very cheap products. It’s made well and affordable to buy, as well as small. We feel like everyone should buy them cause they are tied to FHC and everyone can get it, even specific sports ...

Intro to Business Q&As: Maya Fitzgerald – Why Not?

Ellie McDowell, Staff Writer

Members: Maya Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Mayo, Raegan Price, Nolan Bateson, Addison Zint, Ella Sanford, Joaquin Dorado Product: Cards Grade: 11 Why should somebody buy from your business?  "It brings awareness to mental health. And, if you want to brighten someone's day and make sure that they know you appreciate them, it's a good way to show appreciation." How did you decide on the produc...

Intro to Business Q&As: Max Richardson – Cushee

Evelyn Alt, Staff Writer

Members: Max Richardson (Leadership and Management); Quinlen Sutherland (Marketing); Leah Clarke (Finance); Drew Wright (Supply Chain); Vincent Elliot (Sales); Makenna Smith (Sales) Product: Portable seat cushions Grade: 10 Why should somebody buy from your business?  "I think a lot of people should buy our product, Many people complain about the comfort of school chairs, and I know�...

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