Prom Court Q&As 2023: Nick Francisco

What was your reaction to the court announcement?

“I’m not going to lie, I was sleeping in class and I heard [someone say] my last name, and it woke me up, so I was extremely confused. Then I realized they were announcing prom court, and I was shocked and really didn’t know how to feel about it.”

How do you feel about being on court?

“At first I was low-key mad because I don’t like having attention on me, but now I’m embracing it and am very excited about it.”

What’s a goal you want to accomplish after senior year? 

“After senior year, I want to get a really fun summer job with my friends and save up money so I can do lots of fun things at Michigan State for when I am there.”

Do you have any special plans for prom night you’re excited for? 

“Nothing in particular, but I’m excited because I’m in a really fun group with some cool guys I haven’t gone to a dance with before, so I’m definitely excited for that.”

What’s your favorite comfort food?  

“A Culver’s butter burger always does me right.”

How likely are you to succeed in a zombie apocalypse? 

“I would probably be one of the first ones out. I’m not a good fighter, I can’t make myself food, and I lack a lot of common sense; so, due to that combo, I’m going out day one.”

What’s your favorite senior year memory?

“I don’t have any specific [memories] in mind, but my favorite memories are from my senior year spring break in Cabo. I had a really fun time with a lot of my friends.”

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