FHC Inspires 2023 Q&As: Alex Fletcher

Position: Speaker

Title: “I am a Bully”

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

“I like to talk, and I wanted to get my message out there.”

How are you feeling about speaking at FHC Inspires?

“Fine. I’m ready, and I know my topic like the back of my hand.”

What was the process of perfecting your speech?

“Practicing. At this point, I practice so much it’s like autopilot. There’s a happy medium, so I haven’t practiced too much, but I know what I’m going to say.”

What does your message mean to you, and what should it mean to the audience?

“For me, this is a super personal TED Talk because it’s a serious issue I’ve had for my entire life, especially the past year, but the past year has been really rough. So, if I can help prevent having a rough year for other people by giving this talk, that would be the best thing in the world.”

Did you ever see yourself speaking at FHC Inspires? 

“Last year, I watched the live stream of FHC Inspires and told myself I was going to do that.”

Does your Google slide presentation reflect your topic?

“I would say somewhat, so I have it going from light to dark colors, [from] really light to dark and then back to light to showcase the descend into bad but also the recovery. I purposefully chose the colors for that.”

What’s the best time of day and why? 

“I would say 2:00 a.m., when you wake up and check your clock and realize that you have more hours left to sleep.”

What’s something you can’t live without?

“My anxiety meds for obvious reasons.”

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