FHC Inspires 2023 Q&As: Izzie Scholler

Position: Speaker

Title: “Overthinking”

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

“I like talking to people. I talk a lot, like a lot. That’s why my voice hurts right now, but I like public speaking. I get nervous before, but I feel like that’s normal. It’s something I enjoy and something that comes naturally for me.”

How are you feeling about speaking at FHC Inspires?

“I feel good. I know a lot about my topic because it’s something I do, so it’s something that’s really easy to talk about, and if I almost mess up, I can tie it in because I overthink. So if I mess up I’ll be like, ‘I’m overthinking, and I don’t know,’ it’s just something that’s easy for me to talk about.”

What was the process of perfecting your speech?

“The process was tough because I’m not a person who likes to practice because if I have a so-called script, and I don’t go off of it, and then I forget, then it’s like, ‘Oh shoot, I just lost my train of thought.’ And each time, it’s a little different. I’ve perfected it, but it’s not going to be the same. And that’s hard when I’m like, ‘Okay, shoot, I have to fix this up a little bit better, fix [that] up a little bit better,’ so it’s kind of hard to perfect each time because it’s not the exact same.”

What does your message mean to you, and what should it mean to the audience?

“My message means, to me, it seems weird, but I feel there’s a lot more going on in people’s heads. I feel like to me, people think of me as some careless person who’s like always happy, but there’s more to that than people. [I] realize that I really think through things a lot, a lot more than I should, and people should take away that it’s a normal thing and no one should feel bad for doing it because thinking is a good thing, even though it can turn to something bad.”

Did you ever see yourself speaking at FHC Inspires? 

“I did when I heard about it.”

Does your Google slide presentation reflect your topic?

“Yes. Well, almost to the point where it shows me and my family, and what’s going on in my life, and when I like to write, I have pictures of what I like to write, so basically [it] reflects all on me.”

What’s the best time of day and why? 

“Nine o’clock at night when the sun is setting, and you’re in comfy clothes, and you finished everything, and you’re all clean and getting ready to go to bed or watch a show or something.”

What’s something you can’t live without?

“My car, it’s my favorite thing on earth. I just got it a month ago or so, and it takes me everywhere.”

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