Top 5 most entertaining games

Varsity Football vs. Lowell

The FHC football team had an incredible and memorable season. One of their many fan-favorite games was against Lowell High School. This game was quite the milestone as the team defeated the Red Arrows for the first time in 18 years. To make it even more of a celebration, it was also the homecoming game and senior night. The game itself had some key components that ensured the Ranger win; in the second half alone, FHC had three interceptions. Junior quarterback Luke Majick did not have a single turnover in the game. With the Rangers superb technicality in this game, they claimed the win 35-6. The community was more than excited about the great win as the student section stormed onto the field after the game.

Varsity football vs. Mona Shores

Another great game by the FHC football team was against Muskegon Mona Shores. It was arguably one of the most entertaining games FHC had seen in a while. Going into this game, Mona Shores was favored to win. The Rangers showed up and played hard, and came out on top in the end. Important aspects of this win can be credited to senior Kade Shomins pick-six interception for a touchdown that occurred early in the third quarter. Another would be from junior Tate Hallock who caught a 73-yard touchdown on a double move from fellow junior, Luke Majick. With only 14.4 seconds remaining, the Sailors of Mona Shores threw a hail mary and senior Bryce Clay intercepted the ball. This game clinched the District Championship and is said to be one of the biggest playoff wins in the history of Ranger football.

Girls Basketball vs. Forest Hills Northern

The girls FHC basketball team had one of their best performances against Forest Hills Northern at home. As a team, they had a total of 17 steals in the game. This matchup got gritty in the second half. At halftime, the Rangers were only up by two. As the clock in the second half was running, no one was sure what the outcome of the game would be. With one minute left, some hope was reignited for the Rangers when junior Claire Baguley made both of her free throws, making the score 54-56. As the final buzzer went off, senior Madi Winter made a three-point shot, winning the game for the Rangers at 57-56.

Boys Basketball vs. Godwin Heights

Another great Ranger season came from the boys FHC basketball team. One specific game that is remembered as an extraordinarily entertaining was the game against Godwin Heights. One huge key player in this game was Jimmy Scholler, a sophomore who scored twenty points. All night, the team was on the court hustling. As a team, they had 35 rebounds and 20 assists. With 47 seconds left in the game and the Rangers down by three, senior Tyler George made a three-pointer putting the game into overtime. Senior Ty George had 9 of the 12 points in overtime and came in clutch with some free throws. The Rangers ended up winning 72-68 and Coach George was especially excited because this was his first time beating Godwin Heights in his 24 year career as the coach for Rangerball.

Ice Hockey vs. Catholic Central

This winter the boys hockey team continued to grind despite the slow start to their season. In their game against a solid competitor in Catholic Central, they worked hard and won 1-0. The goal was a backdoor goal scored by senior starter, Charlie Brewer. This goal was absolutely necessary to own this game but there were other aspects that helped the win as well. Junior Carl Mielock had an outstanding performance throughout the night, tallying numerous saves.

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