TCTs The Countless Thanks 2018: Lejla Tukelija

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2018: Lejla Tukelija

Amanda Bartolovic and Sharon Parmar –

I first want to start by thanking my best friends. You two have been there through thick and thin, and I can never thank you enough. All of my favorite memories are with you both, and I laugh at the thought of them. From running through Walmart with animal heads on while inside of a cart full of carpets and towels, to re-making a Drake and Josh theme song, it’s always been more than a blast to be lucky enough to know you two.

I could have the worst day ever, and you guys know what to say to make it better, even when it’s just showing me a meme. There’s nobody I’d rather get yelled at by an employee at Walmart with than you guys. When I open my Snapchat and I have messages from you both, it’s always something unfathomable because it makes me laugh way too much. Sharon will send me messages claiming she is Jesus, and Amanda will send me a pictures of herself sitting in a room with a swiffer sweeper. I can’t say I don’t expect it, though, because of just how interesting you guys are.

Thank you Amanda for stealing my phone and leaving pictures of yourself on it, and thank you for always sending me the best memes. Thank you, Sharon, for turning up the music all the way in the car, then rolling down the windows. Thank you also for also rolling down your window in the middle of traffic and talking to strangers. That’s nowhere close to half the things you guys do that make me laugh. Thank you for always making me laugh. Most importantly, thank you for being my friends even when I can’t find the right words to show you how much I appreciate you.

Sharon Massey –

Thank you for always keeping me company and the countless jokes that are filled with laughter. Thank you for helping me when I’m down, and although I’m difficult, thank you for staying with me no matter what. Good people are sometimes hard to find, but you were pretty easy to discover. Thank you for sleeping over when all I knew were tears. I’m grateful for your presence in my life.

My mom and dad –

The biggest inspirations in my life are, of course, my parents. There’s nowhere to start with thanking you, except with everything. You give me a roof over my head, a place to sleep, food, comfort, clothes, and most importantly, love. I always enjoy hearing stories of your childhood and the differences between America and Bosnia. The way that you loved your country and your family has always been such an inspiration for me. Always wanting the best for your kids proves you’re such amazing parents. No matter what the situation is, you’re always thinking of Senad and I first. Although you knew you had to leave, for not only your safety, but your family’s safety, the hardest thing is leaving home.

I will always admire the integrity in both of you. I’m grateful for the endless amount of love you give to me, even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for allowing me to have four pets, despite the fact that you don’t like animals in your home. But, you let me have them, because you know I love them. Thank you for buying me a violin and so many art supplies because you care for my happiness, and I’m thankful to have two parents that love and care about me. I will always give you countless thanks for everything you do.

My brother –

I’m thankful to have a brother in my life, even though when we were younger, I constantly would tell on you for things you didn’t do. Although we don’t talk a lot and rarely say a word a day, I’m thankful to have someone to look up to. I’m glad I have someone to ask questions to if I ever need anything, especially for school. With you by my side, I know there will always be someone there who I can ask questions to about math and other subjects.

We never got along growing up, and now, we don’t talk very much. But, I know when we’re older, things will be simpler. I’ll always be thankful for your help and your existence. When people ask if I’m an only child, I’m more than happy to say no. I hope that one day I become closer to you. Thank you for all that you’ve done.

Mr. Ivory –

I want to give you a colossal number of “thank yous” for the best choir teacher. You tell me not to be afraid and that if people judge me, it’s something not personal. I feel confident when I step into your classroom, and I’m thankful for it. Thank you for constantly correcting the class with our singing. I know that sometimes it’s annoying, but I know it’s making our sound better. Thank you for the amazing music that we are able to perform. I especially appreciate it when there’s a situation in the world and we sing music to show our compassion for it. Thank you for everything you do, and I, along with your choir students, are grateful for you.

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