Student Q&A – Maxime Larmande

1. When did you first learn about the new phone policy?

“In the summer around August.”

2. What was your initial reaction?

“I was pretty mad [about] it.”

3. What did you think the implementation of the phone ban has aimed to do?

[I think it’s] probably so we pay attention better and get better scores on tests and exams.”

4. Did you have any expectations with it going into the school year?

“No, not really.”

5. Before the announcement, did you have issues with phone usage in class?

“No, I didn’t.”

6. Have you ever used phones in class before for something educational or for downtime?

“I’ve used it for both, but definitely educational, though.”

7. With the start of the school year, did you notice any changes in students regarding phones and attention?

“Without the phones, we get more interactive. I saw a lot of people complain because they couldn’t get to an appointment or something because they had to text their parents or if they missed something.”

8. Have you had to adapt to the lack of phones in class? If so, how?

“No, not really. I feel like I just don’t go on my phone as much.”

9. Do you feel as if the phone ban is a step in the right direction? Why?

“The more you look at it, yes it’s a good thing. But if you’re a person who likes to have your phone with you, then no it’s not a good thing.”

10. Has the ban been pointed out in classroom discussions?

“Yes, I’ve talked about it in multiple classes.”

11. What have you deduced from other students’ reactions?

“Some students think that it’s really good, which is good like you can get better grades. But at the same time, if you have to text your parents or you need something important, you can’t really do that.”

12. Do you think there are any downsides to this ban?

“Again, not being able to text your parents for the important stuff.”

13. If you could change the policy, how would you?

“I would probably say that we could have our phones during lunch but not during our classes.”

14. Do you expect it to last, or has there been too much backlash?

“I think the administration might make some changes, but I don’t think the policy will change too much overall.”

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