Improv Team Q&A: Mason Yarnell

1. What bug are you?

“I’m an orange ladybug [because] that’s the one I was assigned. I cannot tell you [why]— ask Meredith.”

2. What is your favorite improv game?

“I like bachelor. It’s a game where there’s three people, and then they’re all a certain thing or a person, and then one person has to guess what the three people are. And so it’s funny because you get to make characters for what you are. So, you have to act like your character.”

3. Tell me a story…

“That one practice, me and Ben Lowen were doing a scene, and he called me a little thicky thick boy, who the clap of my cheeks was alerting the blueberries.”

4. Why does the show start at 7:33? Why not 7:32? Or 7:34?

“That’s the time our captain Aaron Jachim decided and so that’s the time we’re going to go with.”

5. If you were a fast food chain, what would you be and why?

“Panera Bread because that’s my place of employment.”

6. What is your favorite Minecraft block?

“The diamond block because I like diamonds.”

7. Why did you decide to join improv?

“I thought it would be a good experience to try out because I’ve never done anything like improv before.”

8. Give us your best car salesmen pitch for improv.

“Come to improv because… I don’t know how to give you a car salesman. It’s a great time, and you’ll have fun, and you’ll get to see your friends because everyone in the whole school’s going.”

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