• Exams for freshmen through juniors will be Friday June 4th, Monday June 7th, and Tuesday June 8th
  • Tuesday June 8th is the last day of school for freshmen through juniors
  • FHC Graduation is the on evening of Monday, May 17

The Central Trend

Natalie Mix

Natalie Mix, Print Managing Editor

Natalie Mix is a junior, and this is her third year as a member of The Central Trend. This year, she has ever-evolving dreams for whatever version of a Central Trend print edition is possible, something she continues to work towards with her partner-in-crime, Lauren Batterbee. But as reality manifests itself differently than she ever imagined, and yet shockingly fitting in the grand scheme of things, and her plans for the future remain constantly at the mercy of her whims, two things have remained constant: her passion for people and her passion for words. Within The Central Trend, she has found both people and words, and they have stuck by her side. She is indescribably grateful for the opportunity to make sense of the world with her words, and even more so for the other writers that have become a sort of family to her, allowing her to feel crucially accepted and loved.

Favorite type of story: short stories

Enneagram type: 7

Favorite pieces of punctuation: the em-dash and the Oxford comma

Constant state of being: longing for some manifestation of change

A few of her favorite things: her two best friends, her cat, sunsets, dying her hair


All content by Natalie Mix
Lynlee Derrick has been writing for The Central Trend since her freshman year and has been Editor in Chief for the past year. She graduated tonight, May 17th.

Lynlee Derrick is driving down the road of her own future—one where she is excited to wake up every day

May 17, 2021

Senior Lynlee Derrick drives like she lives: without hesitation.  In all the ways that it manifests itself, whether it be impromptu ice cream trips with her best friend or hours spent hot-gluing Diet...

FHC Inspires Announcement

FHC Inspires Announcement

May 17, 2021

After a year of relegation to the digital world, FHC Inspires is back in person, redefining the entire show. This year's FHC Inspires team, headed up by student directors Lydia Bolger and Sarah Bethel,...

My best friend, Katarina Lalic, one of the people who has stayed and made me feel so loved

The ribbons of love have kept me standing

May 17, 2021

The past few months have found my sticker-adorned laptop consistently overloaded with tabs partitioned by windows correlating to each of my six subjects.  This system has become a necessity, the only...

Here I am, on my seventh birthday, in the kitchen of my childhood home

Once, she was seven

May 10, 2021

Once, she was seven, and she doesn’t remember much about being seven—mostly the feelings. She remembers how all-consuming those feelings were, the enormous anxiety too great to fit into her small body,...

Abby Wright has been on the staff of The Central Trend since her freshman year and has been Editor-in-Chief for the last two years.

Abby Wright finds home in the people and places that give her life color and vibrancy

May 3, 2021

Senior Abby Wright’s final year of high school found her spending more time than ever in the small town of La Porte, Indiana. While she’d often resided there during her summers, only this year was...

And the kingdom will crumble at her hands

And the kingdom will crumble at her hands

May 3, 2021

it has to be like this impromptu beautiful in simplicity heart racing, fingers dancing   and in a way she's been avoiding   but how else, to capture the epitome of youth   how...

A photo from our second week in a row hiking, on another sad Saturday

Whatever’s in between here and there

April 26, 2021

She’s consumed by conflicting consternation on these late Friday nights, the time for adventures, for laughter in bubbles and bursts, for the epitome of teenage folklore. She feels the shadowy black...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Gavin O'Meara

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Gavin O’Meara

April 22, 2021

Name: Gavin O'Meara Grade: 11 Role: Troy Bolton What’s your pre-show warm-up routine? "I usually go through both a vocal and physical warm-up. My vocal warm-up consists of a lot of scales...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Thomas Smith

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Thomas Smith

April 22, 2021

Name: Thomas Smith Grade: 11 Position: Head of Tech What’s your favorite time-killer activity during scenes? "I run and manage most of the technologically related parts of most shows that...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Josie Butler

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Josie Butler

April 22, 2021

Name: Josie Butler Grade: 9 Role: Mrs. Darbus What’s your pre-show warm-up routine? "I don't really have one, but I guess I'd say making sure to drink water and going over lines if I need...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Nick Stockenauer

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Nick Stockenauer

April 22, 2021

Name: Nick Stockenauer Grade: 12 Role: Coach Bolton What’s your pre-show warm-up routine? "I don't have one." Why did you decide to try out for the musical? "Mrs. DeMeester suggested...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Abbey Calderwood

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Abbey Calderwood

April 22, 2021

Name: Abbey Calderwood Grade: 11 Position: Student Director How do you get in your zone before shows? "I make sure everything's running smoothly and everyone's ready to go." What’s your...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Sophie Young

High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Sophie Young

April 22, 2021

Name: Sophie Young Grade: 12 Position: Head of Hair, Makeup, and Costume How do you get in your zone before shows? "I don't really think I'm ever out of the zone during shows. If I'm working...

High School Musical Jr. Q&As

High School Musical Jr. Q&As

April 22, 2021

Check out these Q&As with a few of the main cast members and the three crew heads of FHC's production of High School Musical Jr! Go to fhfineartscenter.com to purchase an in-person ticket or live stream...

A photo from Lin Manuel Miranda's poetry book,

And the poets have taught me how to transform my pain

April 19, 2021

Poetry is the language of unfathomable pain, of broken people. Poetry is the language of exquisite moments out of time, of mundane beauty rendered in words. Poetry is the language of this moment, with...

The Candlelight Ceremony in 2019, when the class of 2019 transferred leadership to the Class of 2020, the last year that Candlelight was normal

For two senior classes, the Candlelight Ceremony provides a flickering flame of hope

April 19, 2021

Alumna Meredith VanSkiver vividly recalls sitting in the audience of the Candlelight Ceremony her freshman year, enraptured by the sea of glowing candles, longing to someday be recognized in her senior...

I have this sticker on my water bottle in pink. Healing isn't linear.

Fate hasn’t delivered me here today

April 14, 2021

Every time I sit in front of this blank page, with too many fragments of ideas competing to become whole, the fear creeps back in—that I will run out of things to say, run out of ways to say the same...

Women's History Month Q&As: Vicki Felton

Women’s History Month Q&As: Vicki Felton

March 30, 2021

Name: Vicki Felton Years at the school: 18 Field: Special Education What are some of the most exciting experiences you’ve ever had? "Some of my most exciting experiences have been when I'm...

Women's History Month Q&As: Amy Stone

Women’s History Month Q&As: Amy Stone

March 30, 2021

Name: Amy Stone Years at the school: 23 Field: STEM What would you consider to be your greatest achievements?  "Graduating third in my class at Rockford High School [and] winning the Distinguished...

Women's History Month Q&As: Tracy Will

Women’s History Month Q&As: Tracy Will

March 29, 2021

Name: Tracy Will Years at the school: 22 Field: Math What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "I am proud of the family I've built. I have a great husband and two children,...

Women's History Month Q&As: Laura Zilhaver

Women’s History Month Q&As: Laura Zilhaver

March 29, 2021

Name: Ms. Zilhaver Years at the school: 4 Field: The arts What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "My ‘greatest achievements’ feel kind of ordinary to me. I am proud of the work...

A sketch of the waves in my heart, bottled by my own self-loathing

The dance and the waves and every moonlit night

March 29, 2021

The moon indifferently illuminates the shoreline where my feet rest in the sand, the cold pressure of the grains leaving a pattern on my skin.  The sun’s jurisdiction ends here; the moon watches...

This graphic comes from an exhibition, titled

Women’s History Month Q&As

March 26, 2021

The Central Trend is celebrating Women's History Month! Read our Q&As with female teachers from every department in the school as they discuss their experiences as women.

Dr. Anne Keller is an English 9 and AP Language and Composition at FHC since the beginning of this school year.

Women’s History Month Q&As: Anne Keller

March 26, 2021

Name: Anne Keller Years at the school: 1 Field: English What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "Up there on my greatest achievements [is] getting my PhD—that was pretty...

Laura Stiles has been a teacher at FHC for 26 years

Women’s History Month Q&As: Laura Stiles

March 26, 2021

Name: Laura Stiles Years at the school: 26 Field: Social Studies What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "I think that the assembly we pulled off—the Winterfest assembly?...

Whitley Morse has been the assistant principal at FHC for 3 years

Women’s History Month Q&As: Whitley Morse

March 25, 2021

Name: Whitley Morse Years at the school: 3 Field: Administration What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "Giving birth to my daughter this past November. I didn't give in to having...

Señora Dykhouse has been a Spanish teacher at FHC for 35 years

Women’s History Month Q&As: Tammie Dykhouse

March 25, 2021

Name: Señora Dykhouse Years at the school: 35 Field: World Languages What would you consider to be your greatest achievements? "As far as my career goes, I am very excited about the fact that every...

A rainbow outside D&W this past summer that I can't stop writing about

Don’t leave me behind

March 22, 2021

The future is ubiquitous in the corridors of my mind. I’ve tried fruitlessly to capture her and put her on the page, but I’ve only managed fragments, tangential points in yet another self portrait.  But...

I painted my leg for real, the metaphor stands nonetheless.

Hello spring, I write poetry now

March 15, 2021

A mile and a half on roller skates, my palms and knuckles battered, and I’m sore for days after from hitting the ground too many times. But there were people at the park, and encouragement fell from...

FHC's clubs migrate from outdoor and virtual meetings to the opportunity for in-person meetings.

A sense of normalcy returns as both new and long-standing clubs gain their footing with in-person gatherings

March 15, 2021

Principal Steve Passinault has been committed to ensuring that education could prevail through even the darkest moments this year, but to prioritize the most possible consistency for the school year, he,...

Sophomore Maya Rogne with her dog, bundled up in the snow outside

Maya Rogne has Odyssey of the Mind to thank for her own odyssey in creativity and curiosity

March 10, 2021

Sophomore Maya Rogne once spent a few nights on the grounds of a former Hitler Youth training camp that had been converted into a summer camp.  The strange and solemnly historical experience composed...

The divine being has cloistered the rain

The divine being has cloistered the rain

March 8, 2021

The jar balances on a shelf below the window, shrouded by the sunlight on the best days, a constant in the ever-changing room. It’s painted in landscapes, in the scenery from dreams, in delicate curves...

I think it hurts too much to do it again, to ever take a photo like this one again.

To the fireflies and the light they abandoned

March 1, 2021

I’m unraveling knots, flipping through pages, dipping my brush into every bucket of paint. I’m scared to tell this story wrong, scared to distract from the point, scared to make something from nothing...

This photo of my best friends symbolizes everything I want for my future

Look for her anywhere but here

February 22, 2021

With no volition to call my own, no strength to change the tape, I am watching something else take control over my life, something I refuse to call me. I like to think that some higher power—Fate, Destiny,...

An extremely grainy photo—but nonetheless one of my favorites—from the day I started this list

A tabulation of all that she romanticizes

February 15, 2021

She's always romanticized what's at her fingertips, captured beauty in sentence fragments.   Like stained glass windows in high and hidden places— her church is everywhere.   Or...

A tweet from Superintendent Dan Behm, calling the first snow day of the 2020-21 school year and the first snow day since being shut down last year

The sanctity of snow days is preserved by a community that values safety and mental well-being

February 11, 2021

Last March, with another one of Michigan’s lagging winters reaching an inevitable end, the Forest Hills Public Schools district had only clocked in one snow day. It was a stark contrast to the “snow...

My thrift store pot and dollar tree flowers on top of the notebooks I can't stop collecting

Poems born from an aching soul

February 8, 2021

I can feel myself slipping again, could feel it potently in the overwhelming desire to slip back under it all. My fingertips are rubbed raw from scrabbling at the rocky precipice till they bleed.   No...

A little girl on a pink bike gave this flower to us, and then it was left in my car to wilt, and I guess you could say that flower is me.

She’s not getting enough water

February 1, 2021

She was just a seed, a thought,  a small yellow bloom in a rippling sea of flowers,  and she can’t swim,  so the sea scares her.    But in that sea of flowers,  she was brought...

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