TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2019: Avery Jordan

Grace Pennington – for always being my shoulder to cry on

Grace, you are a blessing. When I first met you at 2018 dance team tryouts, I never thought we would become this close of friends. I have so much appreciation for you and what you do for me; you constantly put others before yourself. Your spunkiness, generosity, and kindness shines through in anything and everything you do, and whenever I’m upset, I always go to you. You comfort me in the best way possible, and I could not thank you enough. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry. Thank you for your endless love and support. Thank you for being you.

Alexa Parent – for being my literal sister

Alexa, I never get sick of spending time with you; let’s be honest, you literally live at my house. You make me laugh like no other with your never-ending jokes. Nevertheless, they never get old. Your determination and perseverance inspire me every day in regard to both school and dance team, and your constant hard work is deeply appreciated. I truly do not know where I would be without your loving heart and sweet soul. Thank you for being my bestie.

Roman Kalaczinski – for always making me smile

Roman, you are truly a ray of positivity. Walking into second hour Honors English every morning just to see your uplifting spirit is beyond welcoming. The remarks and jokes you share never fail to make me laugh, and your positive attitude always motivates me. Thank you for always bringing positivity to my mornings.

Courtney Collar & Joelie Havey – for being role models

Court, I look up to you so unbelievably much. I look up to your positivity, determination, and athleticism every day in both sixth hour and at dance team practice after school. Your quality of leadership inspires me to work harder, and I appreciate that so much. Your leadership specifically shines through when being an editor for TCT because you’re always on top of things, but it also shines through regarding dance team because your stance as a leader is so strong. Thank you for being a role model to me, and thank you for inspiring me. Joelie, your push when it comes to both dance team and academics is amazing; you’re always encouraging me to do my best no matter if you’ve had the worst day or best day. Your tranquility during stressful times is insane, and it helps me as well. Thank you for your determination and leadership, and thank you, both Jo and Court, for each being amazing role models.

 Molly Vonk – for always putting other people before yourself

Molly, you have the sweetest, most caring soul ever; you never put yourself before others. Your traits of intelligence, trust, and kindness are overwhelming. You are one of the strongest people I know, yet you refuse to show your wrath. You always show so much empathy for not just me, but everyone in your surroundings. Your consistent motivation inspires me every day, and I thank you so much for always being there for me.

Morgan Mittlestadt – for never allowing me to slack off

Morgan, you are one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know; your immediate determination is extremely motivating for me and my work ethic. Additionally, your commitment to both the dance team and the dance studio is another motivation for me. You are one of the smartest people I know, and I appreciate the help that you offer me whether it is editing my papers or simply helping me with my geometry homework. You generously extract time from your own day to help others, and that is deeply appreciated. Thank you, Morgan, for your time and commitment in everything you do.

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