Freshman Alexa Parent has discovered a new, exciting outlet to put her dance talents into with dance team


Approaching an hour of debate among the judges, freshman Alexa Parent was anticipating answers along with the previous members of the dance team and a few hopeful incoming freshmen in the hallway outside of the old gym.

Three incoming-freshman girls had been called into the gym already; however, whether or not they obtained a spot on the team was unknown. Eventually, one of the judges pushed open the heavy old-gym doors and asked all of the remaining girls in the hallway to enter the gym.

At this point, three stressful, nerve- wracking days of auditions undoubtedly paid off, and Alexa knew that she had made the dance team.

“I’m very excited about it,” Alexa said. “I love to dance, and I’m excited to be on a team sport for my school. I really like the people that were on the team, and I [think] I’ve become good friends with them.”

Alexa is looking forward to creating new friendships with the members of the team. With unique responsibilities, traditions, and tight relationships, Alexa is anticipating being a part of a team that provides such a special high-school experience.

“[I can’t wait for the] competitions, getting to know the girls, and doing stuff with different types of [dance] teachers,” Alexa said. “I really liked how they went to nationals in Florida; I thought that was really cool. Them performing at the halftimes and assemblies [was too].”

I love to dance, and I’m excited to be on a team sport for my school.”

Alexa was appropriately prepared for her audition since she has been consistently dancing since she was a young child. Commencing her career at Dance Dimensions, Alexa transitioned to Rhythm Dance Center in second grade. She has remained a member of Rhythm Dance Center, and she has been trained in numerous styles: jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet.

“In second grade, I switched to Rhythm [Dance Center],” Alexa said. “I just felt like I wasn’t doing very well on their team, and I thought that I needed a change. I’m there every night; I’m constantly doing [dance]. I think that it’s really fun, and the competitions, recitals, practices, and being with my dance family [are what I love].”   

As Alexa is approaching the conclusion of her first year of high school, she has been able to reflect upon her year. Although who her friends are has altered slightly, she adores both the friends she has made and the friends she has maintained.

“Freshman year has been pretty good,” Alexa said. “I love all of my friends, and I like most of the classes that I’m in. I’m excited to be finding things next year. [My friend group] has changed quite a bit, but I like my friends this year more than I did last year.”

Alexa is eager to begin incorporating herself into the dance team, and she cannot wait for practices to start.

“[I’m] looking forward to dance team and not being a freshman,” Alexa said. “[My goals are] being good friends with everyone, trying my hardest, and doing the best I can.”