TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2019: Lauren Batterbee

Ballet and everyone there 

Thank you for everything you do. You give me something to look forward to during the tough, stressful days of school. You help me improve on one of the things I love most: ballet. You make me who I am. You understand my pains and aches, and we complain together. You inspire me and give me pep talks whenever I need them. Thank you for being there for me for almost all of my life.

Celia and Geoffrey Batterbee (Sister and Brother)

Thank you for doing so much for me! You help me with my homework. You make chores fun like Mary Poppins. You played with me when I was little, even when you were really tired of playing with your younger sister. You obsess over Christmas and Disney with me. Thank you for being so supportive of me. I am eternally grateful. 

Rob and Shelly Batterbee (Dad and Mom)

Thank you. Thank you for all of the money you put into my passion for ballet For the support you give me and my siblings for doing what we want to do. For letting us have freedom. For being there for me when I am sad. For cooking me dinner, for driving me all around, for playing with me when I was younger. Thank you for editing my papers and helping me with my homework. Thank you for everything you do.

Allie Beaumont

Thank you for talking to me during WFP. When I was looking lonely, you came over and joined me. We bonded because of your sister, but we continue to talk because you are such a sweet friend. Thank you for being your bright self. 

Julia Beaumont

Thank you for talking to me on the first day of APUSH last year. It made my terrifying first day of high school and the first day of an AP class welcoming and made me feel less like a little bug about to be crushed by the world. Thank you for also continuing to be friendly and a great friend throughout last year and this year. 

Julia Brown

I am so glad our parents are friends, and I knew Sam. Otherwise, I would never have been comfortable walking up to you on the first day of seventh grade and talking to you. You ask me about ballet and how I am doing. Even though you keep grudges against my brother, you never do with me. You even put up with me during seventh-grade lunch. Thank you for being so amazing to your annoying friend. 

Rachel Marco and Liza McCarthy

You guys have put up with me for eleven and a half years. That is impressive. You are always there to support me and for me to talk to. Even when we are in different classes or different schools or in different states, you still find the time to talk to me. I hope when we all depart, we will still continue to be as close as we are now. I could not have asked for better friends, and I could not imagine never meeting you.  

Tananya Prankprakma

You help me edit all of my papers no matter how bad they are or how busy you are. You have been my MC-2 buddy in eighth grade all the way up to my TCT buddy and beyond. I am inspired by your amazing writing and your organization. I am so glad that you came here in eighth grade. You are one of the sunflowers in my day. I am so thankful to have you in my classes. 

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