Elise Rapeyko

1. What was your reaction to finding out?

“I was super surprised. I was excited, but also kind of nervous because we had to figure out that lip-sync.”

2, What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“I feel really special because that means people voted for me, which means that I am a good person to some people. So, it’s exciting to feel that.”

3. What is your favorite Winterfest tradition and why?

“I think I really like the lip-syncs because [court members] have to figure out [the lip syncs] themselves and do them in front of the school, and it’s kind of fun just seeing what they come up with.”

4. If your dance was on Dancing with the Stars, how do you think you would fare?

“It would be funny because we swap clothes. The guys are wearing skirts and crop tops, and we’re wearing baggy jeans and wife beaters.”

5. What color do you identify with and why?

“Yellow because yellow is super bright and it really pops. I think I’m a really loud person, and I try to be out there.”

6. Can you make any campaign promises or tell why you would be the queenliest queen?

” I don’t think I’d be the queen. I think Laura Salas would be the queen.”

7. Is there anyone who wasn’t nominated that you want to recognize for their greatness?

“I think Hayden Sarjeant should be on Court for Prom.”

8. Do you have any closing statements?

“I would like to thank Mrs. O’Brien for coordinating all of Winterfest.”

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