Laura Salas enjoys meeting new people and breeding positivity through all she does


In middle school, she minimally involved herself in the minimal theater opportunities provided. Thus, junior Laura Salas entered high school with little knowledge of the hobby that had yet to sweep her up.

As a sophomore, Laura was approached by the student director and asked to join the production crew; without hesitating, Laura dove into the opportunity to delve into a new area of interest— a choice that proved to be monumental for her high school career.

“I love theater so much,” Laura said, her face lighting up with a smile. “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school.”

Laura started out with hair and makeup, but since moved on to stage crew for various productions. After over a year with the theater department, it has certainly cemented itself as an integral extracurricular and taught Laura the importance of branching out.

“I’d done theater before in middle school, like once, but I’d never really thought twice about it,” Laura said. “So I guess one of the big things [I’ve learned] is to try [new things] more because I never would’ve picked theater for myself. If I hadn’t been presented the opportunity, I never would have been like ‘Okay, maybe I should do theater,’ but now it’s something that I couldn’t imagine not doing.”

For Laura, the community her theater involvement has afforded her is invaluable. Students from all parts of the school come together for each production, providing Laura with a myriad of new faces to meet and befriend.

“Everyone says this, but it’s so true: you meet so many amazing people that you see in the hallways but you’d never think twice about,” Laura said. “Like Abby Calderwood— she’s a freshman— I never would have met her without theater, but now I call her my ‘friend soulmate’ because she’s amazing, and I love her so much. You get so much closer with people, and it’s just so fun.”

Meeting new people has certainly been a standout part of Laura’s high school experience; beyond theater, Laura has expanded her circle through the GLI (Global Learners Initiative) club.

“It’s a really wide group of people,” Laura said, “freshman to seniors, people that I’d never interact with, but I’ve gotten to meet [because of GLI].”

The club meets periodically to discuss changes they’d like to see made in the school and encourage positive, inclusive dialogue. The club emphasizes inclusivity of various minority groups, making it especially important to Laura as a Hispanic.

“I guess one of the reasons why I’m in it and that I really enjoy it is that it’s a really great way to connect with other people,” Laura said. “It’s a really great way to meet with people that have similar morals to me and think in a similar way that I do.”

Besides school activities, however, one of Laura’s favorite pastimes is calligraphy and bullet journaling. Since middle school, Laura has been developing her skills in the art form.

“My best friend, I met her in seventh grade, she did calligraphy and when I saw her doing it I was like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing; that is so cool,’ ” Laura said. “And so I started trying to do it and then as bullet journaling became a thing I was like, ‘Wow, that’s also so cool.’ ”

Now, calligraphy and bullet journaling are some of Laura’s favorite pastimes, serving as a therapeutic escape.

“I’m not really an artistic person, like I’ve never been good at art, but it’s the type of thing where you don’t need to be great at it because it’s just something for you,” Laura said. “Like how people use art and music and stuff as a way to get their emotions out, that’s kind of what [calligraphy and journaling are for me]. It’s just such a relaxing moment where no matter what’s going on, I can put all my focus and all my attention into this, and just for a few hours, everything will be good.”

Laura enjoys giving some of her work to her friends, even receiving paid requests at times. But for Laura, it’s less about entrepreneurship and more about spreading joy through a medium she loves.

“It’s so fun to be able to give something to someone else and know that it’s making them happy,” Laura said, “and it’s something that’s making me happy because I get to make it, which is fun for me.”

Whether its gifting calligraphy to her friends, helping out with theater productions or inciting change with GLI, Laura values having a positive impact on the community around her, no matter the magnitude.

“I really like the idea of being able to be in a group of people that even if it’s not in a giant way, we can help other people and make small little changes throughout the school,” Laura said, “even if it’s not super big or noticeable.”