Katie Woods

Name: Katie Woods

Grade: 12

Character: Gypsy, part of Ensemble

1. Do you have a “ritual” for before rehearsals or shows?

“Yes, I do. I always take around ten to minutes to stretch and warm-up and just have my ‘me time’ before getting into the mindset of going into rehearsal or going into a show.”

2. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

“You know, I’d be a really good hugger. I think I would be famous for giving a lot of hugs. You know, you have got to give a little squeeze. I just really like hugging people.”

3. How long have you been singing?

“Oh, God. I joined choir in seventh grade. I do a lot of singing: I’m in Central Singers, I’m in Chorale, I’m in the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus, and I’m in a select treble ensemble of Youth Chorus called Mandala.”

4. What made you try out for the musical?

“I love musical; I’ve been doing it since sophomore year. I met some of my closest friends through musical. It’s just a great place to be.”

5. What has this year’s experience been like?

“It’s been so cool! I think this is my favorite show that we’ve done just because there’s so much that’s going into this show. It’s more than any show I’ve been a part of.”

6. How much of your personality can you blame on your star sign?

“A nice healthy 40%. I’m a Leo, Aries Rising, and when you think about me being a performer, Leo fits pretty well. For my character, I’d say she’s probably a Scorpio, but me personally, I think a Leo fits where I’m at right now.”

7. Who would you like to thank?

“Oh boy. We have DeMeester, we have Kyle Black, we have Ashley Kooistra, Mr. Pool, Mrs. Pool, Mr. Ivory, everybody in the cast, everybody on the crew, my family, my friends— Susan Toppen, Courtney Collar, Cole Kaminski. Final answer.”

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