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Whitley Morse has been the assistant principal at FHC for 3 years

Women’s History Month Q&As: Whitley Morse

Name: Whitley Morse

Years at the school: 3

Field: Administration

What would you consider to be your greatest achievements?

“Giving birth to my daughter this past November. I didn’t give in to having a baby when everyone else thought it was right, but I waited until I was ready.”

What are some of the most exciting experiences you’ve ever had?

“I cannot get enough of hiking through National Parks—my husband and I took an epic cross-country road trip in the summer of 2019.”

Do you have any women you look up to? 

“My mother and maternal grandmother. Statistics and society had given up on them in many ways, but they are both fighters and two of the strongest women I know who kept pushing. I strive to overcome with such grace as they have had and am forever grateful that because of them, my foundation is strong.”

How do you strive to be a mentor to other women?

“I aim to set an example for other women by uplifting and supporting others in ways [that] great women have done for me. Showing them that regardless of your background, you can work to achieve whatever you want while acknowledging the road will be challenging along the way.”

What would high school you think of you now?

“In many ways, high school Whitley wouldn’t be surprised, but in other ways, she would be shocked. I had the drive and motivation to push myself, but I certainly didn’t see myself at this point in my life being an assistant principal with a Master’s Degree.”

What obstacles have you had to overcome as a woman?

“As a young woman of color, there have [been] many obstacles in my path. The biggest obstacles have to be pushing through all the doubts that others have and continue to have about me. It would have been so easy to give up at so many points throughout my life, but I always knew what I was capable of and doing.”

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