TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Meredith VanSkiver

Susan Toppen 

My wonderful Sus, my homecoming queen. You’re a lightning bug. You’re a bright beacon of bliss at this school. You shine your light unabashedly, warming others to you. You’ve left a profound impact on all those you’ve crossed paths with, and I count myself so lucky to be among those people. And as if your truly good nature isn’t enough, you’re marvelously talented as well. You’re the Mary Warren to my Abigail Williams. Just kidding, I actually love you. Thank you for letting me bully you for ten weeks straight and collapsing into my arms countless times for the sake of theatre. 

Ella Guikema 

You already know I love you; I say it to you practically every time I see you now. One of my regrets in high school is not getting as close to you sooner. Your humor is perfectly timed, and your kindness is unwavering. You make me feel sunny just by being near you. If for nothing else, thank you for always being later to zero hour than I am. Simply put, you make my soul happy. You’re beautiful and gifted. And I don’t care how cute Aaron Jachim is, know that you’re my favorite Proctor.

Megan Raisch 

Look! I spelled your name right! Thanks for putting up with my wackiness all summer. And in the fall. And now. It baffles me that we hardly even spoke to each other the first three years of high school when now we seem to just click. I feel so open and content in your presence, a feeling that is hard to come by these days. You have the innate ability to cheer up the people around you. With humor, talent, and loveliness wrapped up into one person, it’s no wonder that you’re a smile generator in human form.

Ms. Morse  

I don’t count us close, necessarily. But whenever we cross paths in the hallway, at a football, or in the hysteria of a fire drill, you always have a smiling face and a sweet remark. Every meager interaction we share puts me in such a good mood, if only for just a moment.  I could consider myself to be a lucky individual, but I know that you act like this with all the students you come across. When other staff members walk past, they often will give a polite smile or an empty greeting. You, on the other hand, evidently care about making a genuine connection. You’ve brought so much love and altruism to this school with you and have permanently carved your mark into the fabric of FHC. We’re collectively better from having you as part of the faculty. 

Mrs. Will 

When I had you as my teacher sophomore year, I hated the class. Pardon my poor pun, but Algebra 2 and I simply did not add up. I probably acted like an annoying, math-hating tenth grader back then, and I’m sorry if I caused you any exasperation. Having matured a few years and having you again for stats, I have gained a new perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a strong detestation for math, but I have a deeper appreciation for you. Your tireless positivity is infectious and brings levity to my least favorite subject. Your alacrity is moving, and I think students, myself included, can learn a lot about life from having you as a teacher.  

Aaron Jachim

I told myself that I wasn’t going to include anyone that I wrote about in last year’s The Countless Thanks, but then I think about your performance in The Crucible last week and know I have to make an exception. You were absolutely jawdropping in your performance, and I would just like to thank you, not for the first time and surely not the last, for allowing me and others to bear witness to your remarkable talent. I can not wait to see what incredible things you go off to do next year and the rest of your life. I love you.

Three editors 

I don’t have much to say other than the simple fact that you three are superheroes. Last year, while I’m positive Susanna, Reena, and Nisha had just as hard of a job, I lived in a blissfully ignorant world of amusement and simplicity. I wasn’t as exposed to the difficulties of the position. But now, having a closer look at the sheer amount of work you three have to do, I have such a greater respect for the massive workload you all take on. It’s not just editing; it’s leading, teaching, creating, managing, planning, and loving. All three of you complete your mass amount of tasks with benevolence and grace that’s admirable to the fullest extent. Abby, Courtney, and Ashlyn, the site wouldn’t be here without you and neither would I.

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