Aaron Jachim’s blog, Peachy Keen Boy, launches to the public


We often hear the phrase “unapologetically you,” but what does it mean? What does it look like? How does it manifest into actions?

With the launch of his blog, Peachy Keen Boy, sophomore Aaron Jachim has begun to explore what it means to be unapologetically himself.

“I just really love writing,” Aaron said. “I just wanted a space where I can share my writing with people and create a voice for myself.”

About two or three months ago, Aaron started thinking about finding a platform for his voice. His friends, juniors Abby Stead and Haley Bieniewicz, had recently created a blog of their own; Aaron reached out to them for advice on creating Peachy Keen Boy.

“He kind of told me he liked my Instagram [page], and then we became friends,” Abby said. “I helped him with the construction site he used to make his blog; it was the same one as we did for [our blog], Old Soul Insomniacs. He’s very bright, so he figured it out quickly. I just kind of helped with the details and little technical things.”

The inspiration for his blog not only stemmed from his passions but from his friends as well.

“I just needed an outlet to write about whatever I wanted; I need to just be creative,” Abby said. “I have a lot of thoughts going through my head, so the blog gets them out. Ever since I started my blog, it’s been a little bit more zen in my head. I think that Aaron kind of noticed that, and he wanted to do it too.”

Those around Aaron were able to encourage him throughout the entire process; the support was invaluable in helping Aaron stay true to himself.

“[People I did theater with] boosted me up so much,” Aaron said. “I wrote about this on my blog, but when I did Bring It On this summer, the cast boosted me to wear all the stuff I wanted to wear and to be exactly who I am.”

Aaron started toying with the site around one month ago. As soon as the blog went public, Aaron’s voice was projected out into the world, and it has been heard many times through by those who know him.

I have a lot of thoughts going through my head, so the blog gets them out. Ever since I started my blog, it’s a little bit more zen in my head.”

— Abby Stead

“I think the blog represents him really, really well,” Abby said. “He’s just a funky kid, but he also has a lot of depth to him. He’s a bright spirit, and every time I look at his blog, I can just imagine that that’s what his soul looks like.”

The goal of Peachy Keen Boy is to help people find self-confidence. Already, many people have felt the positive effects of the blog.

“I’m so proud just that he’s doing the blog,” Abby said. “It’s really flattering when people say, “Oh, you inspired me to do this thing,a�� so [Aaron’s blog] made me very happy. I think I cried a little bit; I was just really excited.”

Peachy Keen Boy features everything from fashion to poetry. Aaron knows it will encompass all of his passions to create a holistic image of himself.

“The blog is just the cutest thing ever,” sophomore Olivia Luplow said. “He doesn’t have too many posts yet, but I know it’ll be great from what I’ve seen so far. It’ll be a lifestyle blog.”

Aaron’s lifestyle consists of many things: theater, music, photography, and fashion. All of these have already found a way to be woven into the framework of the blog.

“He’s got some great ideas,” Olivia said. “There’s going to be fashion posts, [posts about] things that happen in his life, and [posts of] the photography he’s done. He’s just so good at working with technology, and it’ll be cool to see what he does with the site.”

Aaron will be featuring “Song of the Week” posts where he reflects on an impactful and meaningful song. Recently, he also posted one of his own poems, which was inspired by the music he listens to.

“I really love music,” Aaron said. “I play the ukulele, piano, and guitar. The ukulele was the easiest to learn; I just bought it off of Amazon one day and started learning it.”

In the future, Aaron plans to create a YouTube channel to showcase his talent in photography and videography. He’ll be posting vlogs and other videos which highlight his interests.

“My biggest inspiration would be [a YouTuber], Conan Gray,” Aaron said. “He’s not a super well-known person, but he makes some music which I really love. He kind of gives off the vibe of the “light-blue-and-yellowa�� theme, which I kind of embody on my blog.”

One of his first blog posts, “I Dress Funky (and Here’s Why!),” digs deep into Aaron’s thoughts and passions. He leaves his true self completely vulnerable and honest with his readers; this type of candid writing will inspire others around him to act and dress in a way that reflects who they are.

“I love thrifted clothing,” Aaron said. “I love eclectic stuff, cute stuff, and sometimes androgynous stuff. I’m very into that type of fashion. The environment in high school has everyone wearing Nike and Sperry’s, and that’s just not me.”

Though the blog is still in its early days, Aaron has hopes that it will grow to a broader audience. He has made pages for it on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“I feel like Aaron’s pretty popular, and he made an Instagram for [his blog],” Olivia said. “A lot of people follow that already, and I think it will become known through his friends and grow to more people.”

Aaron realized his love and talent for writing when he started high school. His English teachers have helped him thrive in his growth as a writer.

“I do want to go into some kind of journalism,” Aaron said. “I want to go into what BuzzFeed does: it’s pop culture and entertainment, but it still has journalism roots.”

Through writing, Aaron has found an outlet to express himself. He no longer fears society’s definition of what he should be; rather, he explores what he could be.

“The message of Peachy Keen Boy is just to be who you are,” Aaron said. “Just stay true to yourself, and always be kind to others.”