Humans of FHC: Ally Alvarez


I always wanted to get eyelash extensions, but it wasn’t until my friend Serena got them that I actually got them too. She got them done by this girl named Megan Hamilton; a lot of people from Forest Hills go to her since she’s really good. So what you do is this: you lay down, and then they glue the eyelashes on one by one. It’s about a two hour long process for the first time, and then after that, you get appointments about every month to get them refilled. How often you go in depends on how well you take care of your extensions. You can’t wear mascara, obviously, and you have to use a certain type of eyeliner. You can’t use anything with glycol or sodium, and you can’t sleep on them either. I never really wore makeup before I got the extensions, so the makeup restrictions didn’t really matter to me. I like that I can just wake up and go out the door without doing anything to them though. If you take care of the eyelashes well, each refill appointment usually won’t take long; it’ll probably be thirty minutes to an hour. At home, you can clean the eyelashes with oil. I use coconut oil, but olive oil works too. I really like my eyelashes now because I used to always want longer eyelashes. I used to look up stuff on how to extend your eyelashes–like putting oil on them or something–but they never worked. I finally decided to put in the investment of eyelash extensions because I feel like it’s worth it in the long run. You spend so much money on makeup, like mascara, that you might as well just put in money one time–for the extension–to get longer lashes.”