Humans of FHC: Zoey Guikema


“My junior year, I was sitting at a family get-together, and my uncle is the athletic director, so he was talking about [the bowling team]. I was deciding to not do basketball, and I was talking about doing a winter sport that maybe people didn’t really know about. He suggested bowling because they only had five girls on the team at the time. He was like, ‘There’s always the option of bowling.’ So I found out from him, and then I proceeded to email the coach and be like, ‘Is this a possibility? I know I missed tryouts.’ My coach ended up letting [me and senior Sydney Payne] come and join the team.

It would be great if people join bowling. I think it’s a very underrated sport. I kind of joke with people that they should join bowling, but it really has changed my high school [experience] because it’s such a relaxing and uplifting environment that really anyone can join, have a good time, and be part of the high school sport if you didn’t think you’d ever be a part of one. Really getting out there and joining something new was a great opportunity for me. I think more people should take it.”