The EP We Love Dogs! was an epic fail



This is the cover of Remi Wolfs EP We Love Dogs!

I had never heard of Remi Wolf before, and based on the name of her EP We Love Dogs!, I was skeptical. With my expectations already low, it still took me by surprise just how bad the songs were. 

As my best friends and I prepared for the torture of this EP, we sat in be with snacks, blankets, and everything we needed for a typical after-school hangout. We turned on the first song and instantly wanted to turn it off, but we pushed through. 

There were many things to dislike about this EP and very few things to enjoy.

The one thing I appreciated about the EP is the fact that all of the songs are different. They all have new beats, and their sounds vary widely. This was the result of multiple artists working on this EP, all of whom I have heard nothing of. 

Though there was some variety, the songs still had plenty in common, and sadly, they were not good things. The presence of autotune can usually be detected in music, but I have never found it so unsettling and intense. I’m sure Wolf has an amazing voice, and I wish she would show it off; instead, we get different levels of unclear, auto-tuned words jumbled together. 

Another thing all of the songs have in common is the repetitiveness. I appreciate keeping a tempo and theme, but none of these songs had the new lyrics I longed for, instead opting to repeat the same phrases I could not understand. 

Additionally, the background sounds, while interesting, were not always enjoyable. In the song “Woo!,” the beat reminded me of a video game, and I couldn’t hear over the background music. The auto-tune was too present, even more so in this song than the others. 

There was one song that I found bearable: “Rufufus.” The beat was decent, and you could hear the words, though they still did not make sense. The way Wolf was singing, it sounded as though she was saying fragments of words. 

The only song on the EP I could see other people enjoying is “Hello Hello Hello.” The song had a familiar pop tune, and it had better clarity, though not by much, and there was still a lot of repetition. I understand how this song could be enjoyable, but it simply is not something I would listen to of my own free will. 

Part of the reason I disliked this EP is that I have a very different taste in music than the genre of music Wolf is involved in. I listen to rap music: for example, DaBaby, Eminem, and Lil Uzi Vert. So this EP was largely out of my comfort zone, and I was very disappointed. 

There were multiple things wrong with each song, and every time a new song came on, the same problems resurfaced; on top of the unclear words and overdone autotune, most of the songs were just annoying or childish.

The EP was not good in the slightest.

Even in the songs that I found I could stand to listen to, I did not actually find something to like about any of them. 

We Love Dogs! was just not the genre of music I usually listen to. I understand why someone else would enjoy listening to one or two of the songs, but all the others didn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities at all. 

Somehow, the low bar that I set for Wolf’s EP was sent into the abyss far below my feet.