Expectations are always present in my life


Christopher Summers

A picture of me and my siblings, and it seems we are picture perfect

I have high expectations for everything. I set expectations for how my day will go and find that I am always so disappointed.

I realized this a few weeks ago. And if we’re being honest, it has changed a lot in my life. 

I used to plan out my whole day, and I still do, but I found that now that I’ve recognized the expectations I’ve set, I’m not as disappointed when the day doesn’t go as planned. I am obviously still a little upset, but it helps me to realize that what I wish to accomplish isn’t always going to happen, and that is okay. 

Another thing I realized was the fact that I’m not the only person with high expectations. Everyone has expectations for almost everything in life. Students have high expectations for summer, parents have high expectations for their children, and teachers have high expectations for their students. It helps to know that I am not alone in my dilemma of high hopes. It led me to realize it is simply another factor of being human. 

Expectations differ for everyone—some people have low expectations, while others like me, have high expectations. They are goals or guidelines, in my opinion. They are there to help you reach your full potential or to have a good day. 

There are multiple ways expectations can not be met. It can be because of your mental health, your mood, other people, or a change in plans. I have started to accept the change of the days and the way it has made me change my plans and goals for the day.

 I have always hoped for the perfect stay-at-home day, but something will come up, my parents will make plans, or I will change my mind on what I want. I have accepted that my perfect day will change from day to day. Perfect has a different definition every day as well. 

Expectations are good if you set them for yourself, but they can be harmful when others put them up for you. Expectations can lead to stereotypes and other harmful things. It is important to stop setting such prominent expectations, so I do my best to live in the moment and not worry about the future too much. 

As much as I love to plan out my future, I am doing my best to stay in the present. Expectations are both a blessing and a curse; I do my best to get rid of my high expectations and be okay when things don’t go my way.