The trends to leave behind with summer ’21


(“Look Sharp Taupe Brown Studded Sandals”)

With fall sweeping in, it’s time for a summer 2021 fashion recap. While several chic statements were made, there’s a long list of mishaps that I hope the tide washes away.

This summer, I saw many de rigueur items with little staying power. While there were some highlights to summer fashion, like puff sleeves and chunky shoes, we were served some overly expensive prêt-à-porter that should never have made it mainstream and a big return of retro items that should have stayed in the past.

Colorful jewelry

Colorful jewelry went viral this summer: pink, blue, orange, green, smiley faces, stars, etc. I definitely think we can blame Martha Calvo for this one. The trend is honestly super fun and playful; I don’t mind it. The Martha Calvo “Happy Go Lucky Necklace” quite literally was duped by almost every popular brand, and yes, I did buy one. I also don’t regret that purchase. The colorful jewelry trend was cute, but it has served its time. If you spent $160 on the Martha Calvo necklace instead of purchasing the dupe, I’d like to say I’m sorry. This trend went down with the last summer sunset.

Denim skirts

There’s not a whole lot I can say about these other than the fact that I have a sense of personal disdain towards denim skirts. First of all, I have yet to see one fit properly. Inevitably, the waist is too large and slides around when you get the correct hip size and proper length. These skirts were very much the thing when I was in seventh grade; we all wore them with off-the shoulder shirts, and that’s a look I personally never want to revisit. They honestly just cut my shape in half which was rather unflattering.

While several chic statements were made, there’s a long list of mishaps that I hope the tide washes away. ”

While I’m on the topic, I feel like I need to mention these specific denim shorts that also need to go: mid rise, medium blue, tight, cuffed-hem jean shorts. When straight leg jeans came in, skinny jeans went out; I feel like these jean shorts are the skinny jeans of summer. You’ve probably seen them paired with a smocked tube top. They’re doing nobody justice.

Puka shell necklaces

The puka shell necklaces were super in style two summers ago, we saw them a little last summer, and then they came back this summer. This is Sarah Cameron’s fault. After Outer Banks Season 2 was released on Netflix, everyone wanted to look like Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey. Unfortunately, the puka shell necklaces need to stay on our TV screens.

Golden Goose

I saw a lot of Golden Goose high top and low top shoes this season which actually kind of surprised me. The Golden Goose sneakers retail for around $600, and they are not cute. They also come in a beat down, dirty, almost used condition which I don’t really understand. These shoes I categorize with the Gucci belts, and they certainly beget a serious sentence: money doesn’t always buy style. Save your cash, Chuck Taylor Converse are the way to go.

Studded sandals

The studded sandals are serving me 2017. Steve Madden began selling these, and I think a lot of people purchased them trying to follow the strappy sandal trend. While these are technically strappy, most of them come in the gladiator style which I simply cannot support. Blisters are definitely inevitable in these shoes, and a flat sole shoe like that cannot be comfortable. 

On a new note, I have some commentary on men’s fashion. It’s rare that I bring men’s apparel and accessories to the table, but there’s a first for everything, and it’s definitely time.

For the Boys:

Acid wash jeans

Acid wash jeans were extremely popular in 1960s surfer culture and later made a 1980s comeback. Somehow they’ve resurrected yet again. I am not sure how. I am not sure why. There are certainly several controversial denim trends; this one however, I felt like we all agreed on. It’s just one of those things that everyone in the 80s self-proclaimed they’d never do again. This is one thing our parents might have been right about.

Those sunglasses

I know you know which ones I am referring tothat’s the problem here. The baseball sunglasses I forgive from a utility standpoint; they help players in avoiding direct sun shining into their eyes. The issue is not boys playing baseball in these, it’s the large group of boys that don’t even play the sport deciding to wear them to every single event the sun is present at. These are just one of those accessories that defines your personality without you even speaking. Beware.

The Supreme shirt

I shouldn’t need to justify this. In the same vein as Golden Goose hightops, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it works; it’s just overpriced. It’s time for us to say a supreme adieu.

Style is, of course, a form of self expression. Wear what you love and what makes you feel comfortable with yourself. At the end of the day, your opinion is the only one that should matter. On the other hand, if I can save you some money and enhance your personal style, then may my fashion mission be accomplished.