Izzie Scholler has managed to balance golf and school spectacularly

Freshman Izzie Scholler is a part of the JV Golf Team.

She hopes to play golf all four years of high school as she wants to see her progress throughout these next four years. Golf is a hard sport that takes a lot of practice and patience and Izzie isn’t always at the top of her game, but she loves the feeling of having a good swing and hitting the ball. 

Izzie has found new friends through golf and met new people from other grades. This extracurricular activity has also given her a way to strengthen her relationships with friends she already had. Golf in high school is a team sport and the Junior Varsity team has become good friends. 

“[The team] is really friendly,” Izzie said. “Everyone really got a chance to get to know one another this year, and everyone is really nice.”

Golf has given Izzie something to look forward to during the long days of school and her love for the sport grows with each practice. She claims she just waits for school to be over so she can go to practice or a meet. 

Golf is an interesting sport because it’s an individual and team sport. When you’re on a team, you collectively help your teammates get a better score. Despite seeming to be an individual sport, one player ultimately affects all of the others in high school golf.

Golf has given Izzie something to look forward to during the long days of school, and her love for the sport grows with each practice.”

“At matches, we can do twosomes or foursomes where it’s just me and someone from another team, or me and a teammate,” Izzie explained. 

Though golf has helped Izzie get through the school day, it also adds a bit of anxiety onto her plate. Izzie has golf practice or matches after school every day, so finding time for homework can be hard and stressful, but she finds a way to persevere. 

“It’s harder to get my work done, and it’s sometimes harder to focus,” Izzie said, “ but it gives me something to look forward to if I just really want school to end; I just want to go to golf.” 

Izzie will also be trying out for the girls lacrosse team in the spring. Depending on how the season goes, she will decide on whether or not to continue the sport throughout all four years of high school. Though Izzie enjoys lacrosse, she claims golf is her favorite. She has been spending a lot of time practicing for golf, and it has been a major part of her life recently—she doesn’t know if her feelings will change when the lacrosse season starts. 

Izzie has come to love the sport and the team. Golf is a large part of her life and balancing it with school has been a struggle, but one she is willing to fight through. She has gotten close to the sophomores on her team and her friendships with the other freshmen have strengthened. She is enjoying freshman year even though it comes with a large workload. She claims that unlike other freshmen, she found her way through the school quite easily and could find her classes with ease. 

Golf is an amazing sport that Izzie has grown to love. And although, when mixed with school, it can bring her a lot of stress, she loves the sport and her teammates. 

“Probably [my favorite part of golf would be] hitting a good shot,” Izzie said, “though I don’t usually hit a good shot.”